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Is the Samsung TU7100 a good TV?

Is the Samsung TU7100 a good TV?
Is the Samsung TU7100 a good TV?

The Samsung TU7100 is a 4k UHD a good TV that has taken the world by storm due to its extremely amazing visual fidelity and general price as well. The Samsung TU7100 is known for its good Display size and resolution while also supporting latest display technologies that differentiate it from any other UHD TV. These advantages include smart TV features such as having the latest version of Android TV, HDR 10+ support, native UHD, famous applications pre-installed such as Netflix, Hulu and Amazon Prime Video. Moreover, the TV also supports USB audio video playback.

The Samsung TU7100 is also known for its stellar price compared to most 4k UHD TVs. While the TV in itself is not that cheap compared to other 4k TVs but it definitely turns into a must buy when you factor in the fact that it has every feature a newer 4k UHD TV has for a much lower price. The TV also includes features that people might not think about that much but it is still extremely useful.

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These features might include things such as extended HDMI inputs where there are a large number of HDMI inputs whose input can be switched very quickly so the TV can flick through multiple streams of input simultaneously without a hiccup. Moreover, the Samsung TU7100 supports high quality audio playback using a digital audio port.

You can also plug your Hi-FI setups in if you wish in order to enjoy great sound quality when watching movies or playing video games on the TV. While 4k is a technology that has still not seen the light of the day that much since a lot of channels and generally entertainment movies are still not properly available at 4k and thus there is a general lack of good 4k TVs as they are not being used a lot by the public.

The Samsung TU7100 is definitely an enthusiast level TV. IT is not meant for everyone and will only appreciated by individuals who are in the market for a high-end TV that has almost every feature in the book. For those individuals the Samsung TU7100 is a perfect choice and is arguable the best 4k TV available in the market right now.