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Is the GTX 3060Ti a good graphics card?

Is the GTX 3060Ti a good graphics card?

The GTX 3060Ti is supposed to be releasing very soon. It is an Ampere based card that is starting at an extremely cheap rate with a ton of performance. It has enhanced Ray Tracing and Tensor Cores alongside extremely fast GDDR6 memory that puts it ahead of the curve. It features ray traced shadows that look super realistic which simulates the physical behavior of light to bring to real-time cinematic quality rendering even in the most intense games that have ever been released. Ray tracing is currently supported in almost all major AAA titles as well. Is the GTX 3060Ti a good graphics card.

The Nvidia drivers that are present for the GTX 3060Ti helps the card deliver extremely quick accurate performance straight to your monitor. It supports up to 8K resolution and 4k for up to 120 Hz and up to 400 Hz for 1080p which truly makes it a breakthrough graphics card. The best part about the GTX 3060Ti however is the fact it is much cheaper than its more expensive cousins like the 3080 or the 3090 while still delivering a very huge amount performance upgrade for any serious gamer.

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It also allows streamers to start their show with extremely fast stutter free live streaming. The card features next generation hardware encoding and decoding to ensure all moments are shown in exquisite detail. It also features the Nvidia Broadcast app which lets you improve audio and video quality with effects such as RTX voice, blurring the background, webcam auto focus and much more while not degrading the performance of the graphics card in any way or form. The card also comes with a 1 year GeForce founders membership which is a cloud gaming service that lets you stream a plethora of games on the play which you can play from anywhere.

The GeForce GTX 3060Ti is probably the best value graphics card you can find in the market right now. It is extremely cheap, delivers amazing performance and is a card that does not break the bank in anyway or form. Nvidia has definitely catered to the budget-oriented market with this card.