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Is PS5 the new Console King?

Is PS5 the new Console King?
Is PS5 the new Console King?

The PS5 is the latest next generation console released by Sony entertainment. It features insane speeds due to its SSD, amazing visual fidelity alongside new games that truly take it to the next level. The PS5 features a futuristic design that sets it apart from any other console. It has excellent vents and air dissipation capabilities and is capable of rendering games up to 120 FPs at 4k Resolution which is truly next level as compared to consoles of the previous generation. PS5 the new Console King.

The PS5 has a very fast SSD that allows it to load games much faster than its predecessor. Microsoft competitor Xbox has also introduced their new Series S console. The Series S lineup aims to compete with the PS5 but falls behind on a variety of ways. First of all, it lacks exclusives, Sony has Spiderman Miles Morales as one exclusive and has plans for many others whereas Xbox has fallen behind.

The PS5 does feature backwards compatibility for almost every popular PS4 title and aims to be completely compatible by the end of 2021. It comes in two variants, a disc and a digital variant. It is up to people to decide which variant they wish to purchase. Most will opt for the digital variant as it s hundred dollars cheaper.

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The Playstation 5’s haptic touch controller is extremely unique and features unique features that no other controller has. Its tension mechanism allows it to simulate real recoil and gunshots and is arguably the best controller ever made in terms of comforts and ergonomics as well. The PS5 has no regional variant this time around which is a welcome change as it was quite confusing to buy games for variants that are different.

The PS5 is currently facing severe stock issues due to scalpers taking over the market with automated bots making purchases. This means that it is currently really hard for consumers to get the PS5 at its actual market price which is quite disappointing as a lot of people wanted to use the Playstation for Christmas.