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Is negatively reviewing or criticizing a new mobile phone always okay?

Is negatively reviewing or criticizing a new mobile phone always okay?

In the modern-day age of media, it is important to note that negative criticism often earns more views and results than an honest critique of a product. This has led to many tech reviewers and consumers alike developing the habit to constantly bash on every new product that comes along in the market. This is okay in most cases, but it creates an atmosphere of negativity where every new phone is bashed before it can enter the market in order to ensure low return on investments. negatively reviewing or criticizing a new mobile phone.

Mobile companies have had enough of smaller corporations and journalists trying to sabotage their business by posting bogus negative reviews in order to attract more viewers and gain more attention as that is what people seem to be attracted towards most these days. A simple response to injustices like these is to share your specifications and your own review publicly with the public.

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This will lead to most people knowing the exact specifications and reviews of the device from an honest person’s perspective. So, if someone about the fact that 5 thousand milli ampere hour battery might be slow because they heard so from a review, they might develop the habit of cross-checking their facts and not uttering statements that make no cohesive sense. Mobile phone reviewers have grown by a large amount over the past couple of days. This has led to many phone companies sponsoring a specific reviewer rather than introducing their product.

Negatively reviewing or criticizing a new mobile phone is never okay unless and until it is worth for it to be criticized. Most phones nowadays are not worth being criticized as they share the same specifications as their market competitors. The only thing worth criticizing nowadays is the after-market sales and if the phone is priced competitively.

Most phones have had to face a large deal of criticism simply from biased reviews who wished to promote their own channels rather than their journalistic integrity. So, therefore, negatively reviewing or criticizing mobile phones for no reason is never okay.