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Is it safe for children to be vegetarian?

Is it safe for children to be vegetarian?
Is it safe for children to be vegetarian?

Parents are all the time worried about their kids’ diet. Children get fed up with what they have to eat daily. If you give them the same bread and rice for breakfast and dinner, they will start skipping their meals. Mothers often fail to understand why the child has suddenly stopped eating. The thing that we need to take into consideration is that children like to try new and different things. The same goes for food. Often children love to eat food that contains meat. In such a case, junk or fast food seems to be the best option. children to be vegetarian.

We all know that junk food is causing obesity among children across the world. Why not introduce children to vegetables and pulses which are rich sources of protein and other nutritional reserves. If a child likes to eat veggies, let them do it. Because a vegetarian diet provides the child with all those nutritious alternatives to meat. Although, vegetarian diets tend to be deficient in vitamin and protein, yet, parents must be vigilant to strike a balance between the two.

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It is important that children’s nutritious needs are met through a combination of meat and vegetables. However, very young children should not be asked to indulge in strict vegan diet. What parents must remember is that children require good nutrition and to ensure that a child gets sufficient nutrients that are needed for a young growing child, vegetarian diet should be a part of their meals. Children must be given protein alternatives in form of eggs and nuts.

Young children who are growing up fast need energy for their physical growth and the development of their brain. They need plenty of iron rich food to prevent anemia. Moreover, their need for Vitamin B12 and Vitamin D cannot be overlooked. They need large amounts of calcium to grow strong bones and prevent bone disease.