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Is Gmail Down Right Now in December 2020?

Is Gmail Down Right Now in December 2020?
Is Gmail Down Right Now in December 2020?

Gmail is confirmed to be down for users all around the world on the 14th of December 2020. It is the premier email site used by individuals around the world so they can enjoy mailing each other with new information and academic emails and business correspondences as well. The outage of Gmail has led to widespread panic as a lot of professionals use Gmail for their day-to-day business and office communications. Moreover, larger corporations use Google as well to communicate with each other. Gmail Down Right Now in December 2020.

Users who are currently using Gmail are not able to read emails, send email use their inbox or even save a draft message or access the site. Google services including Gmail YouTube and even search are completely down right now. As this article is being written, down detector which is a user reported site which talks about what sites are up or down right now has over 10,000 reports of all Google Suite apps including Gmail to be completely down right now on the 14th of December 2020.

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Just like YouTube, there is no official indication yet as to what is happening. If the past is to be understood, there is a high chance that either this outage will be fixed in the next few minutes or it will take about 3-4 hours for everything to completely simmer down. It has been confirmed that this is not any sort of routine maintenance whatsoever and that the issue is unprecedented and unexpected.

Google has not yet made an official statement and users are waiting patiently so they can gain back their access to their mail. As a lot of universities use Gmail as their primary method of delivering mail as well, it is of paramount importance that the issue is fixed immediately, or else students will miss a lot of correspondences as well.

With this, Gmail, and YouTube and almost all Google applications are confirmed to be down with no sign of them coming back online anytime soon. This story is developing, and Google’s statement is yet to come.