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Is 5G the future of connectivity?

Is 5G the future of connectivity?
Is 5G the future of connectivity?

5th Generation Cellular Internet or 5G has certainly taken the world by storm with its s blazing fast speeds of up to 1 gigabyte a second and the fact that has good coverage and amazing packet loss and ping collection. 5G will be used to allow things when it comes to internet connectivity that have never happened before. These blazing fast internet speeds are now the future of connectivity all around the globe and ISPS have been trying to get a hold on licenses and frequencies that allow them to use this ultra-powerful band. 5G the future of connectivity.

Apple has also shown confidence in 5G technology with their latest iPhone 12 turning it into a 5G ready mobile phone. The technology, however, does not come with its caveats though. The first one being that the technology is in quite early stages of development and deployment. This means that the best results when it comes to coverage are not to be expected right now. Moreover, the current chipset manufacturing cost for a 5G ready device or handset is quite expensive as the technology is quite new and cost-efficient methods have not been invented yet.

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This has led to some manufacturers shying away from 5G technology for now as it will lead to their handphones being more expensive. More premium brands however such as Apple and Samsung have fully embraced the trend and launched their high price flagships alongside the new 5G technology. The technology inn itself operates on special bands that come from a relay link structure of towers for maximum internet speeds which theoretically can go up to 1 gigabyte per second which is 100 times faster than most average local internet.

5G technology has indeed caused a lot of stir in every section and department of human life. Doctors want to use it to better improve their patient accessibility, teachers want to try more interactive sections with AR and general phone users are excited just because of the new blazing speeds 5G promises and offers. Currently it is available in only a few regions in a few countries.