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Introducing ColorOS 12, Everything You Need to Know

Introducing ColorOS 12, Everything You Need to Know
Introducing ColorOS 12, Everything You Need to Know

While we are approaching the official stable release of Android 12, which is rumored to be released in early October, smartphone manufacturers are preparing their new software skins for the latest version of Android. After Samsung recently released the Beta One UI 4, Oppo today revealed the secret of its long-awaited ColorOS 12, based on Android 12, at an event in China. ColorOS 12 features an updated design aesthetic, Omoji, and other multitasking and privacy-focused improvements on the go. Introducing ColorOS 12, Everything You Need to Know.

Features of ColorOS 12

OPPO has packed many design changes to ColorOS 12. The company redesigned the user interface based on the endless design concept, with redesigned icons, new animations, avatar emoticons, and more. The Android skin now includes a squirrel-shaped acrylic icon which, unlike the one in ColorOS 11, has a permanent shape. Icons use softer colors but retain enough detail and texture to avoid problems.

ColorOS 12 brings several new features in addition to what Google introduced in Android 12. The company improved the FlexDrop feature to encourage multitasking, and now allows users to drag apps and switch between screen display modes with simple gestures – Window and mini-window.

A new addition is Omoji, an avatar emoticon feature that uses 20,000 unique tags to create a custom avatar. This feature creates a high-precision 3D model based on this tag and you can use your avatar for video calls, e.g. B. profile photo and more.

OPPO also offers a free floating window function in ColorOS 12. You can stop a window by multitasking and dragging it up. You can switch small windows with one click, switch to full screen mode by double-clicking and swiping sideways to move them to the edge of the screen, drag corners to resize, and even work with one hand.

OPPO is promoting a new Quantum Animation Engine that aims to deliver realistic animation effects in ColorOS 12. The brand says it “mimics the physical habits of drag, swing and rebound” to deliver intuitive animations through the user interface.

ColorOS12 provides screen connectivity that lets you connect your computer and phone when they are close together to collaborate between displays. You can simply drag and drop between two screens for ultra-fast file transfers, seamless document editing, shared clipboards, shared document editing, and shared screenshots.

As officially confirmed by Oppo, the ColorOS 12 update will be released for a total of over 50 phones, including Oppo and OnePlus models. Sales will kick off sometime next month with the flagship series Oppo Find X3 and OnePlus 9. The skin will also find its way to the leading mid-range OnePlus and Oppo devices in 2022. We also know it will hit Realme phones in the form of Realme UI 3.0, so expect more. a lot of progress in that direction. Reuters