In Talk with a Syed Waqas Jafari CEO Dar-e-Arqam Schools Pakistan

In a country like Pakistan, where Multilanguage, multiclass, multinational population exists, we should have Single quality education

In Talk with a Syed Waqas Jafari CEO Dar-e-Arqam Schools Pakistan
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In Talk with “Syed Waqas Jafari” CEO Dar-e-Arqam Schools Pakistan. His supervision over the years has led the education sector to next level. Q1. Briefly share with us your journey towards success. From where you took a start and how things proceeded? Ans. I belong from district MianWali. I got education till graduation from Mianwali. My Masters in English and Education from Multan I have done . After doing my M. Phil from Sargodha University I settled in Lahore and started serving in education sector. I started my services from 1998. There are other education bodies like GAT and "Ataleek Pakistan" that provide educational services on humatarian grounds. I got myself attached with them as well.

Q2. How many years have been passed while providing educational services to society through this tremendous educational system named Dar-e-Arkam?

Ans.  Dar-e-Arkam is serving the society in education field for last twenty five years. Dar-e-Arkam has found in all important districts. Almost 700 branches are working in all over the Pakistan in all districts and provisions. Q3. Approximately how many students are being catered in all branches of Dar-e-Arkam all over Pakistan? Ans. We are catering approximately 0.3 million students every year. Students passes there matriculation from Dar-e-Arkam and move forward in colleges to get there higher education so the number of students increases every year. We have a vast network of franchise in all over Pakistan so we keep operating them from the head office based in Lahore so we keep this data updated accordingly the reports. Q4. According to your valuable opinion what are the hurdles or problems which our nation is facing in the field of Education? Ans. I believe that there are four major problems in this regard:

  • Educational strategies
  • Quality of education
  • Expenditure on education
  • Medium of instruction confusion
  • Lack of political will to boost education.

Q5. What is single National curriculum? Ans. In a country like Pakistan, where Multilanguage, multiclass, multinational population exists, we should have "Single quality education" and single facility education system rather than single National curriculum. Same quality of education and same facilities should be provided to all students. Q6. How do you maintain quality of education in your institutions? Ans. We have different managers. We do not assign more than 20 schools to one manager. They have a list of quality assurance indicators .They visit different schools and check them for all those parameters which are assigned by head office. Where ever we see loop holes, we get them corrected by pointing them out .We have check and balance at central, zonal and school level. Q7. Do you think your school come under public sector or does it comes under private sector.? Ans. Basically education is the responsibility of the state. Then Government makes policies regarding education. State and Government should own the responsibility for providing education to the majority of population. But in last 75 years education is not reached there where it should be. Public sector is facilitating in this regard but public sector should also play within boundaries. I think state, Government and regulatory authorities should take private sector is confidence and they should work like hands in hands to uplift the quality of education and quantity of literate population. Private sector should be encouraged in this regard. Q8. Apart from running your own schools you are supervising some institutions of public sector and providing your services to uplift education standards over there. Kindly tell us something regarding this service as well. Ans. We have adopted few government schools and appointed good teachers over there. Government gives us a limited budged but as a social service and as a social responsibility we are playing our role in uplifting those schools. I feel it as our ethical and social responsibility Q9.In your opinion who is a good teacher. Ans.  A good teacher should have passion to teach. Degree; skill and subject grip are secondary but passion comes first. Every child can become, Bill Gates and Ibne-Hashim.  Only a good teacher discovers the hidden talents in students. Q10. In your opinion how Education uplifted in our country and what suggestion you would like to give to the," Teachers “of our society? Ans. According to my Opinion State.., Government, regulatory authorities and private sector should play their part upto their maximum to give importance to Education. Private sector should facilitated...Private schools are helping to provide quality education to our youth. As far as teachers are concerned, only passionate persons should enter this field. A good degree holder, a skilled person and full of knowledge person cannot be a good teacher, unless and until he is a good human being and a passionate teacher.