Many people, including Imran Khan, former PM of Pakistan were injured by firing on container

The former Pakistani prime minister Imran Khan, has been shot and injured His party says an unidentified gunmen opened fire at a rally

Many people, including Imran Khan, former PM of Pakistan were injured by firing on container
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The former Pakistani prime minister Imran Khan. Has shot and injured His party says an unidentified gunmen opened fire at a rally putting his foot. They're calling it an assassination attempt. This video has released in just the past few minutes showing calm, helped into a car.

What more do we know about his health and who else perhaps has injured in this attack to. We know that this happened in the town of Good Traveler. We know that Imran Khan has shot in the foot. He's taken directly to the main city of Lahore. One of the largest cities in the country, which has close to Gujarat. We also know by members of his party, Pakistan Tehreek e Insaf (PTI), that there has one death, one person has died in this shooting that took place on his convoy. We've seen images of Senator Faisal Javaid, who is a close associate of Imran Khan. Who usually travels with him on these rallies.

He's shot in the face. He's asked for people to pray for him. But we've also told that the Pakistan Tehreek e Insaf, the PTI, Imran Khan's party. Has put out a statement that this has an assassination attempt against Imran Khan. We are already seeing they charged speeches and visuals coming out right of the back of this attack on the convoy that has moving in the province of Punjab towards the capital city of Islamabad. Khan launched this rally, this long march about a week ago calling for early elections. he had said that he fears for his life.

And we've seen Fawad Chaudhry former information minister. A a senior party leader of the PTI, making very charge statements that while that party Is a party of peace, that there will be revenge for this, the blood of their workers has flowed, the blood of their leader has flowed. And its a very politically charged atmosphere in this country. Which has already very polarized because of the various political developments that have taken place here in Pakistan over the past couple of months. We're waiting for the interior minister to start a press conference to explain who was behind the dark, what actually unfolded. There have visuals that have splashed across

All local channels. We're just trying to figure out what actually happened. But there has without a doubt, the fact that the convoy of Imran Khan, a hugely. Immensely popular politician and former cricket player herein this country, his convoy has attacked and one person has dead with at least three others injured apart from Imran Khan. And it's not just Imran Khan himself, but those around him have concerned about threats to his life. And ever since he has ousted as prime minister, he's increasingly vocal against the incumbent government. Just wonder when we're looking at the images, what security does he have what security around him and how has that changed since he was prime minister, particularly in light of the threats to his life? And they've ongoing

Press briefings with Imran Khan, we've told by Khan and we've no security detail that travels with him. A private security detail of the attack also took place in the province of Punjab when Imran Klein's party holds the provincial government. He has again said that he has enough security from the present government in the past couple of weeks. The government itself had said that he's leading a bloody march. He this past week, for example, in Pakistan has highly polarized. It's almost like a microcosm of what's  happening in the past couple of months.

We had a senior journalist who Mysteriously was killed by gunshot in Kenya. And for the first time, Pakistan's history countering Imran Khan's narrative against the current government. There has a complete battle and it's an embattled situation with Imran Khan calling for early elections, he said. And I spoke to him just last month in a briefing and I asked him that look. For example, in me, Imran Khan's rallies, which gathered thousands of his supporters.

There was a clash in May when many of his supporters were tear gas and had to stop their protest against the current government. Imran Khan has said that he wants the elections, but also said that he feared for his life. So going back to what you just asked about his security, the prime minister has released a statement saying that you know. He condemns the attack and there will be a probe into this. But Imran Khan had already said in the days and weeks leading up to this exact long March towards the capital that he did fear for his life¦