If you want to find a lost phone, do it

such cases, users get upset, this anxiety is doubled when it is known that the phone has been stolen. If you want to find a lost phone,

If you want to find a lost phone, do it
If you want to find a lost phone, do it

You may lose your phone and try to find it, but it will be difficult. In such cases, users get upset, this anxiety is doubled when it is known that the phone has been stolen. If you want to find a lost phone, do it.

At this stage many users want to use the 'Find My Device' option but this is only possible if it is already usable.

According to a report in IT news magazine finding a lost phone can be a difficult task, but Android and iPhone sets can be found by following a few tips.

How to search for Android device

Take your Android phone and see if the 'Find My Device' feature is on.

To do this, go to Phone Settings, then go to Security & Location and Find My Device option and check the current status.

If your device does not have a location or security option, check the current status by going to Google, then Security and Find My Device option here.

After accessing the Find My Device option from either of these channels, if you see this off, click on it to turn on Find My Device.

After following these steps, check to see if you can lock or delete the phone even if you are not near it.

Search for it on your computer by typing android.com/find. Select your phone and make sure the options 'Play Sound', 'Secure Device' and 'Aries Device' appear and turn on.

This is the best way to find any Android device that can be used to secure phone and data when needed.

The phone search feature provided for Samsung Galaxy users is slightly different from Google's Find My Device. It also provides its users with many more features along with data backup.

With Samsung's service, the user can get backups away from the phone. It is also possible to find out if someone has changed your SIM card over the phone.

To get all these features, Galaxy users must first set up their Samsung account.

Samsung has also recently introduced a new feature. Introducing the Apple-style feature, the Galaxy smartphone can be searched through crowd sourcing even when it is off. For this purpose, another nearby Galaxy phone user will have to search for the private Bluetooth signal. This advanced feature indicates the location of the lost phone and the whole process is done without revealing anyone's identity.

Samsung Galaxy users can use both Google and Samsung services at the same time if they want, which is more useful for protecting the phone.

Go to the settings of Samsung's Galaxy phone, then go to the 'Find My Phone' option, then go to the 'Biometric and Security' option. If you have set up a Samsung account using the phone for the first time, the 'Find My Mobile' status will be active here. If not, take a few seconds to activate it.

To use Samsung's Smart Things Find app, a new operating system must be installed on the user's Galaxy device.

With the iOS 15 upgrade, it has been made possible for users to find it even when the phone is turned off. This feature is provided by Samsung in its Smart Things Find application. However, this version of the iPhone operating system is still in beta and could be released next fall.

IPhone users can reduce the risk of losing or damaging their phone by doing a few basic things. Apple's Find My Services is important for protecting your precious phone or restoring data.

First of all, enable the lock screen on your iPhone, so that if someone finds your phone they can't open it or retrieve the data inside it and in the meantime you can find your phone or text your Send to a device that will be visible to the person holding the phone at this time.

When using the iPhone

 Some people see Fee ID or Touch ID as an unnecessary step, it is not right for them to do so.

It is important to enter the passcode on the iPhone and protect the information in your phone using your face or fingerprint to avoid data loss.

If this task seems difficult, imagine how harmful it can be to get your phone's banking information, private chat, home and office location information, contacts, emails, photos, etc. into someone else's hands.

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To secure the phone, go to Settings, Face ID (or Touch ID) and Passcode and activate these features by following the instructions here. It may seem strange at first to open the phone with a fingerprint or a face, but gradually it will become a routine that will not be difficult to follow.

After saving the lock screen, you can now enable its Find My service to protect your device.

Go to iPhone Settings, click on your name at the top, select the 'Find My' option at the bottom. On the next screen, confirm that the 'Find My iPhone' feature is on. If not, click to activate it.

At this point, make sure Find My Network and Sand Last Location are also on.

As an update, Apple's Find My Network will collect information about the location of the missing phone. For example, if you lose an iPhone and mark it as 'Lost' in your 'Find My' app, Apple will detect your phone via any iPad, iPhone or Mac. It will also be possible when the phone is switched off.

The owner of the Apple device used to search for the phone may not even know that it is assisting in the search for your lost phone. There is no harm in finding a lost phone with the help of a network or a stranger.

The Send Last Location feature sends your last location to the said service. This last location helps in finding the phone when the battery of the phone is turned off or in case of theft the device is turned off.

Finding a lost phone at home or office becomes very difficult without turning on the tracking services of your device, so if the phone is stolen or lost in a public place, it becomes more difficult to find it.

There are many more benefits to using tracking services on Android or iPhone devices. As a result, the police can find out where your device is at the moment, making it possible to retrieve it.

Even if the phone is not nearby, its data can be deleted, even if the lost phone is found by another person, you can contact him and retrieve the phone through location information.