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How to Uninstall Adobe Flash Player

How to Uninstall Adobe Flash Player
How to Uninstall Adobe Flash Player

Adobe has just killed off Flash Player. It was buggy, hated and filled with vulnerabilities that absolutely destroyed the security of a browser. It was once wildly used for viewing content like games and other media. Flash has played a crucial role in the early days of the Internet. It was the only way to play videos from YouTube. However, now it has become obsolete as new standards such as HTML 5 have now made it possible for to embed content directly onto the webpages themselves. How to Uninstall Adobe Flash Player.

While flash was still useful in some extreme cases it is still not loved. Some users still did not like the fact that Flash was not used on their devices which made some websites unusable. Steve Jobs talks about how iPhones and iPads will never ever be supporting Flash since it was plagued with security vulnerabilities.

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A year later Adobe said it would not be developing any software like Flash on mobile devices. However, Flash was still wildly used on Desktop Web browsers. Hackers exploited vulnerabilities in it and it was a notorious target for security breaches which ultimately led to its demise as well. Adobe also talked about how it is planning to discontinue support for the platform with the program ending its life on December 31.

Some operating systems and browsers have already discontinued flash, Adobe is encouraging people to see if their Flash Player is uninstalled and, on their devices, immediately to help users protect their system because they will now longer be getting security updates. You can download an uninstalled for Flash player for each OS. Run the uninstaller.

You will need to close out all browsers and programs that use Flash. You can then verify the uninstallation and if it was successful by looking at the status of the player from your computer on the website. Adobe has also encouraged players to check if users have uninstalled Flash or else they might be experiencing a lot of security issues in recent times.