How to take perfect photos - 6 tips

photos are of the highest quality. It's easier to take perfect photos with the following rules in mind! How to take perfect photos.

How to take perfect photos - 6 tips
How to take perfect photos - 6 tips

How many photos with your mobile phone do you take each day, week, month? Do you love taking selfies? Do you photograph the reality around you more often than yourself? Regardless of which option is closer to your heart, make sure that your photos are of the highest quality. It's easier to take perfect photos with the following rules in mind! How to take perfect photos.

How to take the perfect selfie?

First, remember where you are looking. Keep your eyes on the lens, not the display. Stand straight, don't slouch, and lower your arms. Pay attention to your clothes - if they don't wrinkle or stick out. Turn your head slightly to the right or left depending on which profile you like better. Do not retract your chin towards your neck and¦ smile! Pay special attention so that your outstretched hand, which is holding the phone, is not visible in the frame.

Find interesting photo ideas

Before taking a photo, think about what you want to show in it. Think outside the box, look for interesting ideas and unpopular solutions. This will make your photos stand out and catch the eye. Check out Instagram, Pinterest, browse photography blogs. The Internet is a never-ending source of inspiration. How will you get interesting results for little money? Using everyday items. A toy spring, a plastic bottle, laces or a page from a book - you are only limited by your imagination! Check how to use them to create amazing photos.

How do I crop a photo?

Do you usually arrange the frame in such a way that the most important subject is in its center? Of course, this is not a bug, but it can be otherwise, more interesting! Remember to put some surroundings in the frame in addition to the main element. The grid lines will help you with four straight lines to divide the screen into nine squares (you can turn on the grid view in the phone settings). When taking a photo, try to place the most important element on at least one of the intersections of these lines - the so-called strong point of the image. Are you tempted to take photos heavily tilted to the right or left? Avoid this mistake! Do not tilt the camera when taking photos. Keep the horizon straight so that its line is in line with at least one of the horizontal lines of the grid.

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Keep the lens clean

Even the best idea and framing will not give you the perfect photo if you do not remember to clean objectively. It is easy to get dirty on your smartphone, leaving e.g. fingerprints on it. Therefore, before each use, wipe the lens with a tissue or microfiber cloth.

Do you use filters?

According to the principle - everything is for people. However, in moderation! Remember never to apply filters before taking a photo. You'd better take an original photo that you can edit multiple times later.

Correct setting of the phone

You need to keep your phone steady when taking photos. It's best to hold the smartphone with both hands to avoid blurring the photo. Take photos horizontally. Limit vertical shooting to capturing tall objects and selfies that are difficult to take with both hands.

Have fun, inspire and create unforgettable photos! Good luck!