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How to stop kids from drawing on walls?

How to stop kids from drawing on walls?
How to stop kids from drawing on walls?

The habit of writing or drawing on walls is a common thing among children. Psychologists say that this could happen due to lack of development of motor coordination in a child. Lack of motor activity forces a child to draw on wall rather on paper because writing or drawing on paper makes him feel uncomfortable. Children should not be scolded for this habit rather should be dealt with love and common sense. How to stop kids from drawing on walls.

Drawing on walls starts when children embark on artistic journey round the age of 2. This is a phase when walls seem ideal canvas to them. Walls help them support their hands easily while drawing. While drawing on a wall, the child can hold crayon easily and create an image. Although parents feel good to see the creativity of their toddlers, getting house walls repainted every now and then is not an easy thing to do.

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To prevent this from happening wall sheets that look like blackboards can be pasted on walls. These sheets can be found online and they are super easy to use on flat surfaces like walls. This way, the child will get outlet to his artistic hyperactivity while saving the walls. Another way is to buy young children colours that can be cleaned from walls. Paints that are anti-adherent do not create stains when wiped out from the walls.

Crayons that are cleaned with a semi-wet cloth are also available to help parents prevent their kids ruining the walls. Involving children with cleaning of their creation can be used as a strategy to help them avoid draw on whatever wall they like, they can be designated certain area in house where they can draw and paint whenever they want to. This will teach them responsibility and keep them restricted to their designated areas.