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How to protect our environment

How to protect our environment
How to protect our environment

With more focus shifting to the effects of global warming, strategies to protect our environment are gaining more attention. To protect the environment is the duty of each of us. We should adopt the three Rs rule to conserve our natural resources. Reducing the usage of natural resources, cutting down on our waste and reusing and recycling resources is indispensable in current times. How to protect our environment.

Children are the future of this planet and it is vital that we teach them to take care of the environment from an early age. They could be taught to take part in volunteer projects that aim at saving environment. Encourage your children to volunteer for cleanups of the community you live in. educate yourself about the ways of protecting and preserving nature. It will help you as well as others understand how important it is to value our natural resources.

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Learn to conserve water; using less water will result in less runoff. You will reduce wastewater that ends up in oceans and thus help save marine life. make smart choices regarding consumption of seafood. Learn to shop wisely by buying less plastic and using reusable bags. Always switch off the light when leaving your room. Use energy efficient bulbs for light to reduce greenhouse gas emissions.

Planting more trees is another way to contribute towards environment protection. Trees will provide you with oxygen and food as well clean air, save energy and help in combating climate change. Choosing chemicals that are non-toxic both at home and offices will also go a long way in protecting the environment. Try using vehicles less and use bikes or cycles. That will not only help save environment but also keep you fit and healthy.