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How to protect children vision

How to protect children vision
How to protect children vision

Children are great imitators and they learn by observing their elders. With healthy eyesight a child’s learning and social development boosts. It is highly important to maintain their vision. Eye specialists recommend getting a baby’s eyesight examined as soon as he turns six months.Undergoing a baseline eye examination will help parents know if the baby has healthy vision. The early examination will help detect if there is any ocular change happening in the baby. This way, a prompt treatment can be made to stop progression of any further visual disorders. How to protect children vision. 

Getting a child have a comprehensive eye exam is suggested at the age of three years before entering first grade. Doctors advise routine eye checkup every two years until the child turns 18. The recommended frequency might vary as it depends on the circumstances of each individual. Eating right is the beginning of healthy eyesight. Doctors endorse including fruit and vegetables in the children’s diet. Vegetables and fruits comprise various minerals and vitamins helping children to maintain their vision.

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It is important to be familiar with one’s family history as several eye conditions are inherited from elders in the family. If a member of the family has visual issues, there is a high chance of a child’s developing of optical problem. Heredity is among the root causes of many cases. The earlier the doctors get to know, the easier it is for them to manage the problem and the better chance of preserving child’s eyes.

Studies reveal thatchildren who spend time playing outdoors, have less threat of developing eye problems such as childhood myopia. Natural light of the sun along wider horizons drills their ocular functions making their vision better. In case a child enjoys indoor games or is fond of watching TV, a break every 20 minutes can prevent them from having eyesight issues.