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How to prevent and cure Osteoporosis

As we age, we get weaker in our bones. Osteoporosis is an issue usually related to older women as it is believed that women have weaker bones as compared to men. Every year, osteoporosis is the reason for almost 2 million of bone-fractures in US only. Keeping our bones strong and healthy with the help of proper diet and exercise and later on medication can help avoid fractures. Top of Form. How to prevent and cure Osteoporosis.

Midlife for a woman is like halftime celebration. It is a fine opportunity to reflect on the life one has lived and rejoice in one’s experiences. It is also perfect time to plan one’s strategy for future life. Osteoporosis could be threatening and constraining disease. Two main risk factors are being a female and passing through menopause. It is medically proved that during the years after their menopause, women generally lose almost one-fifth of bone mass. However, even men are not immune to osteoporosis.

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Keeping constant watch on one’s health may help to see the red signal of being at risk for broken bone. Staying alert regarding one’s bone health helps warn you about the kind of medication that may hasten bone loss. Certain tests for checking bone density are also available.

We must not overlook importance of getting calcium and vitamin D through food and sunlight. Acting upon bone-protective strategies coupled with exercise routines can help to keep the bones strong for longer. Osteoporosis is not unavoidable yet, we can do a lot to shield our bones from the disease at early stage of life. The sooner we start taking care of our bone health, the better for us when we reach midlife.