How to organize a comfortable online learning for children: tips for parents

Online learning is now the only option to continuously acquire knowledge. It is practiced in schools, universities, courses, and even in

How to organize a comfortable online learning for children: tips for parents
How to organize a comfortable online learning for children: tips for parents

Online learning is now the only option to continuously acquire knowledge. It is practiced in schools, universities, courses, and even in kindergartens. In a few months, many have become accustomed. Yes, I had to face the disadvantages, but there were many advantages.

High school and university students managed to adapt easily. But primary and secondary school students had to face difficulties. This has also become a problem for their parents. Unfortunately, quarantine is not in a hurry to end, which means that many still have the need to properly organize online home schooling. Our tips will help you maintain a harmonious atmosphere at home, and your child will remain excellent.


Many moms and dads believe that distance learning makes children irresponsible and undisciplined. To influence this, parents begin to control and limit more, more often force the child to report and check homework several times. This is a mistake, because for a student the very fact of changing the format of education is stressful.

Just imagine, a child used to go to school, communicate with peers, experience failures more easily, and walk more on the street, and do homework and rest at home. Now the apartment becomes the only space in which there is both training, and rest. And all communication with peers is reduced only to the exchange of messages in the Telegram. Therefore, as a rule, take a few tips to provide your child with a healthy psycho-emotional atmosphere at home:

  • Don™t turn learning into work 24/7. Remember that the current scenario of this virus will end sooner or later, but the desire to learn after a busy week at a distance the student may not appear;
  • Do not scold for bad grades. Everyone needs adaptation. Do not think that the blame for the poor assimilation of information lies only on the shoulders of your child. Try to understand the reasons more carefully before drawing conclusions;
  • speaks not only about learning, but also about well-being, experiences, needs;
  • Reduce the importance of online learning. Treat this as the norm, not as a call for the whole family to study the school curriculum in detail.

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Stress and burnout are conditions that face not only adults but also children, adolescents and young people. Therefore, in the organization of online learning, focus on how to maintain a healthy emotional background in the child, not on how to keep up.


At the start of the organization of distance learning you should pay attention to the conditions for learning. Many families do not think about the importance of space for the child. Someone teaches lessons in the kitchen, someone - on a coffee table, someone in the bedroom on a dresser. Distance learning and work have shown that it is necessary to create a working space at home. At least in order to:

  1. The child understood a simple thing: at the table I study, and on the bed I sleep and rest in my free time;
  2. Take care of the correct articalure. If a student sits in the wrong position for a long time, then over time you will not be able to avoid problems with the spine;
  3. The student was comfortable to lay out all the necessary teaching materials and notebooks, put a laptop or computer.

What should the workplace look like? Ideally, the workplace will be in the student's room so that no one at home interferes with him during online lessons. But not every family can provide a child with a separate space, so try not to interfere when the student is busy.  But you should by this In this case, it makes sense .

  • A headset so that the child can listen to the teacher and answer questions; computer or laptop.
  • It is important that the child has the equipment for distance learning. It happens that there is 1 computer or laptop in the family, and during quarantine all family members need to use it. You must remember that it will be inconvenient to organize training on the phone and tablet;
  • a separate table for the student, where only his textbooks, notebooks and all necessary accessories will be located;
  • high speed internet;
  • comfortable chair under a computer desk with height and back adjustment

Once you have gathered everything you need, take care of the lighting, the correct height of the table and the location of the workplace in the apartment.

Learning without harm to health:

About lighting, computer desk and chairs online classes are not school lessons. The school has breaks, physical education classes, visits to the canteen. All this forces to maintain balance of sedentary work and motor activity.

During distance learning,

Many children sit at the table for 3-4 hours. But does everyone remember that a child's body is just forming? And the task of parents to make sure that there is no scoliosis and back pain. How to do it? Take up arms our memo:

  1. Adjust the position of the monitor at eye level. Place the student evenly, and set the screen so that the child's gaze is looking at the upper third of the computer. Not higher and not lower. After all, if the monitor is low, you will have to constantly tilt your head and spoil your articalure.
  2. If classes will be held with a laptop, then take care of the stand. The location of the laptop on the table without a stand makes you lower your head down and stoop. Buy a special stand.
  3. Eye protection. In order for the child not to spoil his eyesight, buy special glasses for working on the computer.
  4. Quality chair. You cannot sit for a long time on a stool or chair with a back that cannot be adjusted. The chair should have armrests so that the child's elbows do not hang down.
  5. Back roller. For quality support of the vertebrae, it is necessary to fill the space between the back and the chair. If the chair has an anatomical shape - this is ideal. If you have a regular computer chair, then put a roller to support the child's back.
  6. The feet should not hang down or barely touch the floor. The feet should be straight so that the back is straight. The support will perfectly cope with it.
  7. Good lighting. It is ideal to set the table by the window so that the child spends most of the time in natural light. But if this is not possible, then place the light to the left of the child.
  8. Brightness of the computer screen. To keep your eyes from getting tired, adjust the brightness of the monitor. It should not be too bright and too dim. The ideal solution is the function of automatic brightness control. Depending on the day and lighting, the computer will adjust the brightness of the screen.


It is a mistake to think that all books, manuals and exercise books should be provided by the school during online learning. Yes, teachers try, and constantly send children printouts, assignments, all the necessary screenshots of the rules and presentations. But parents should understand that for high-quality training and homework it is necessary to take care of that the child was methodically completed. What does it mean? This means that there should be workbooks, various collections, dictionaries and textbooks at home. They can be bought, taken from the library or at least printed out. Parents should keep in touch with the teacher, asking what books to buy, what collections to study, what teaching materials are important to obtain to consolidate the material.

A scanner and a printer can be a true helper in online learning. MFP systems that allow you to print and scan information are now popular. By buying such an assistant, you can easily find all the necessary information on the Internet and print it out. This will save money on the purchase of textbooks, as well as optimize the process of communication between teacher and student. In particular, with the help of a scanner, your child will be able to scan completed homework and send it to the teacher (if necessary).


Everyone talks about how important it is to learn the basics of time management in adulthood. But we believe that you need to learn to control your time from school. You do not need any special notebooks and notes in the phone, alarm clocks and other electronic tricks to acquaint the child with the correct daily routine. Quite simply:

  1. Make a home schedule. You can hang it on the fridge so that the student can first find out when he needs to have lunch, when to rest, when to start doing homework.
  2. Perform all daily duties at the same time. Awakening, breakfast, lunch and dinner should be at the same time, so that in a couple of weeks a habit is developed, and the child learns to use his free time, adjusting to the schedule.
  3. Give a clear understanding of what a "deadline" is. With the onset of distance learning, many students have erased the mandatory limit. Ask your child to start their notebook, which will record the periods of homework, essays and independent work. Share tips on how to do everything on time. For example, set a deadline for yourself 2 days earlier to have time for a certain day.
  4. To form a correct understanding of the categories "study" and "recreation". The child needs quality rest to regain strength. So make sure that the daily schedule includes moving games, walks in the fresh air, at least a mini-training with the help of videos on YouTube. Do not interfere with communication with classmates and friends. After all, if a student will only learn, it will be difficult to avoid burnout.

Properly designed schedule is the key to success and a healthy psycho-emotional state. Remember this and do not ignore simple tips. Online learning is a reality that has become firmly entrenched in our daily lives. Instead of denying online lessons, try to arrange for your child all the conditions for full distance learning.