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How to motivate yourself to exercise outdoors? Learn 6 ways

How to motivate yourself to exercise outdoors? Learn 6 ways
How to motivate yourself to exercise outdoors? Learn 6 ways

The fall and winter season is a time when many people put their sports shoes back in the cupboard. Because how do motivate yourself to walk or run when it’s windy, it’s raining and it’s dark outside? Find out ways to help you get out of the house. How to motivate yourself to exercise outdoors.

In summer, the park alleys are full of runners, Nordic walking routes are crowded, outdoor gyms are busy. When the autumn rainfall comes, everything is empty. Contrary to appearances, training on colder days brings many benefits. They help to strengthen immunity, but also temper character.

The many benefits of training

In addition, jogging or walking helps to maintain a healthy figure and improve concentration. Numerous studies show that even half an hour of training improves your mood, because during activity, for example running, endorphins, i.e. happiness hormones, are released. But how to overcome and leave the house when the weather outside the window does not encourage you to do so? Learn 6 ways to motivate yourself to exercise in the fall.

How to motivate yourself to exercise?

Set a goal for yourself, sign up for the competition

Sign up now for one of the spring races or Nordic walking competitions. This is a good motivation to keep in shape through fall and winter. The times of the pandemic make many of these competitions virtual. This is a unique opportunity to take part in competitions that you cannot reach. But such a goal can be not only competition. This could be, for example, the number of kilometers you want to cover in a given month.

Look for companionship

It’s always easier to get motivated in a group. You don’t feel like it today? But a friend or colleague has an inexhaustible amount of energy and will not give up running together. Other times, you’ll get your companion out for training. It is worth looking for local running or walking groups. In many places, people arrange joint training in this way. It is not only physical activity but also the opportunity to meet new people with a common passion.

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Get the dog

A pet at home is a responsible decision for years to come, so it must be carefully considered. But there is no doubt that people with dogs are active all year round because … they have to. The dog needs a walk in any weather and is a good motivator to leave the house. If you are thinking about adopting or buying a dog, pay attention to the predispositions of the specific breed and dog. If it is to be a companion for jogging and long walks, choose a dog that has such needs, and he will have fun training together.

Buy the right clothes

You will not be afraid of autumn chills and bloating if you wear the right clothes for training. Saying that there is no bad weather, only the wrong clothes will work perfectly here. The basis is comfortable and waterproof sports shoes, thermal underwear, a lightweight running jacket that will protect against rain and wind. A hat or headband and thin gloves will also come in handy.

Look for the positives

Don’t focus on what is putting you off. Focus on anything positive. The running paths, crowded in summer, are now loose. The forest looks beautiful in the autumn aura. In the morning fog, while walking, you can take, even with your smartphone, magical photos that you can show off on social media. When others will fall asleep on the morning bus with sour expressions, you will be bursting with good energy after your morning training.

Cook yourself something good

Before going out for training, prepare yourself a good meal. In the morning, it can be a nutritious porridge with nuts and your favorite fruit, and for afternoon training, a warming cream soup. There is nothing more fun when training on a cold day when the reward of a warming, tasty meal awaits at home. Which, even if it is caloric, after exercise, you can eat without any remorse.

Be safe

When planning your autumn and winter training sessions, do not forget about safety. Fast dusk, fog, and rain make you less visible. Glare is the basis for being visible on the roads. Avoid using headphones when running or walking along a busy street so that you can hear oncoming cars. Also, be careful on the paths covered with leaves.