How to make a text comment

How to make a text comment
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A text commentary is a critical and reflective analysis of a written text. This type of comment seeks to delve into the content and meaning of the text, as well as assess its literary quality and its relevance in relation to a given context. A text commentary is usually structured in three parts: an introduction where the main idea of ‹‹the text is presented, a development where the language and structure of the text are analyzed and its content and message are evaluated, and a conclusion where the main reflections and evaluations of the commentator.

A text comment can be made by anyone who has read the text and wants to delve into its content and meaning. It can also be used as a teaching tool to help students understand and value a particular text.

To make a text comment it is necessary to follow the following steps:

  1. Read carefully the text you want to comment on. It is important that you fully understand its content and structure in order to be able to analyze and assess it properly.
  2. Identify the main idea of ‹‹the text. The main idea is the idea that the author of the text wants to convey and that guides its development. You can look for the main idea in the title, the first paragraph or the last sentence of the text.
  3. Analyze the language and structure of the text. The language and the structure are the formal elements that the author of the text uses to convey his main idea. You can analyze the use of grammar, syntax, rhetorical figures or the organization of the text in paragraphs or sections to assess its literary quality.
  4. Evaluate the content and message of the text. Once you have understood the main idea and have analyzed the language and structure, it is time to assess the content and message of the text. You can make a critical reflection on the veracity of the author's statements, the relevance of his arguments or the originality of his proposal.
  5. Write your comment. Once you have done all the previous steps, it is time to write your text comment. You can start with a brief introduction where you indicate the main idea of ‹‹the text and then develop your reflections and assessments in an orderly and coherent manner. Finally, you can conclude with a summary of your main points and a personal opinion about the text.