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How to listening effectively

How to listening effectively
How to listening effectively

Listening is an art and an ability; it comes natural to some people while some acquire it with effort. Good listeners use their thinking skills in efficient way while listening to others. they engage their mental abilities, apply their thought to maximum point and take minimum time to receive information.

Good listeners are fast thinkers, they anticipate the speaker’s words and sense what way the conversation is heading to. They are quick to draw conclusions out of the spoken words. They weigh the points of the speaker put up as evidence. They ask themselves questions before they validate the speaker’s evidence.

Effective listeners review the points of the conversation and mentally summarize them. An effective listener will always try to read between the lines and search out for intended meanings of the speaker. Good listeners have the ability to gauge what the speaker means even if he has not used any obvious words to express his intention.

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To effective listeners, body language and non-verbal communication is extremely important. They notice not only the words but also tone, gestures and facial expressions of the speakers. They are good at adding meaning to the talk through these expression and gestures. Listening for ideas is another skill that one can acquire to be efficient at listening.

A lot of people try to memorize all the information and facts spoken to them which may lead to a bad listening habit; skimming through the information heard is what we all need to grasp the gist of the conversation. Good listeners focus on grasping the basic idea behind something said by the other person. They concentrate on the facts that support the idea and do not stuff their mind with unnecessary information.