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How to level up fast in Destiny Child

How to level up fast in Destiny Child
How to level up fast in Destiny Child

Destiny Child is a turn based side scrolling role playing game based on Gacha principles. It is available on both iOS and Android and can also be played on the PC using an emulator. It is one of the best games when it comes to turn based combat as it contains a large amount of unique characters, an interesting battling and dueling mechanic while also having a lot of strategy baked into the game. This has led to the game to become quite popular and for many people to ask about what the best way to level up fast in Destiny Child.

Destiny Child is quite straight forward and thus leveling up is quite simple. Firstly, one must complete daily quests, these quests reward a lot of XP gold and currency and you should always try to capitalize on that trend as much as you can. Destiny Child has recently become one of the best selling turn based action role playing games and thus a lot of people want to level up fast on it.

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The second thing players should focus on is have a team composition that is extremely robust and has a lot of synergy with each other. This means that the cards you choose and reroll should be extremely optimal and have a lot of team work points with each other. Without them, you will be unable to level up fast in Destiny Child as the time it will take for you to kill some characters will be too much and moreover, you will not be able to even win fights in late game stages as your synergies will be inherently weak. Therefore, you should focus on having a good card and draft lineup from the start of the game.

Players who wish to level up fast in Rohan M should also focus on having high S tier characters and reroll if they get anything else. This adds a sense of quality in their deck which is extremely important when trying to level up fast in Destiny Child in general. Following all these tips will increase a players level by a large margin.