How to learn to drive a car

car, you have to learn to drive it. Otherwise, the vehicle will remain in the garage or parking lot forever. How to learn to drive a car.

How to learn to drive a car

This is indeed the case. If you have a car, you have to learn to drive it. Otherwise, the vehicle will remain in the garage or parking lot forever. How to learn to drive a car.

Who will teach you to drive a car?

Most families have their own car; many people try to buy a car as soon as independent life begins. When there is a real prospect to get behind the wheel, the question arises: who will teach to drive a car? Many people think that this is a very simple matter, and teach management can dad, husband, brother, friend.

Some really manage to get the right knowledge from a loved one, then improve this skill independently. But most, entrusting training to those who do not do it professionally, quickly become disappointed, not getting the expected result and wasting nerves. This is not surprising: not everyone who has been driving for a long time can pass on their knowledge to another person It's worth thinking about: we are sure that English should be taught by a professional teacher, we go to yoga to practice with an instructor, we work out with a trainer in the gym ... Why training management - a matter of stress and risk - we are ready to trust those who can't teach?

Driving lessons: the right approach

It is optimal to take management lessons from a professional instructor. If you already have a little driving experience, perhaps the instructor will allow you to start training immediately in the city, especially if the training car with an automatic transmission. But if you have never driven a car do not even know how to do it, classes will begin on a closed training ground.

How do they learn to drive "from scratch"?

  • It sounds trite, but first the student is explained where what is in the car. If it is a car with a manual transmission, it takes some time to get acquainted with the action of the clutch pedal and the location of the gears.
  • If the classes are held the student learns to move from the place by car for some time. Only when this skill is mastered, the instructor goes with the student to the city, starting to move on the streets without heavy traffic.
  • A professional instructor conducts classes in a car with duplicate pedals. If the student "thinks", the instructor will press the brake pedal in time. It also has a duplicate clutch pedal, with which the instructor can "help" the student in a difficult situation or control the release of the student pedal. Duplicate pedals are also available in cars on the "automatic" - the presence of "second pedals" is a prerequisite for learning, especially if you have to start learning to drive from scratch.
  • A professional driving instructor knows how to explain and is ready for the fact that the student immediately understands the new material and learns a new skill. At least, this applies to good instructors.
  • On the closed platform usually spend a minimum of employment. Predominantly driving lessons take place in the city, after all in city conditions the future driver should go by car independently.
  • All instructors have a different approach to learning, but modern conditions dictate the need to almost immediately teach not only to "go forward", but park, move in traffic jams and "get" into your lane without road markings.

What should a good driving instructor look like?

These recommendations apply not only to those who already have a driver's license, but have no driving experience, are looking for an instructor for private lessons, but also to those who are just beginning to study with an instructor at a driving school.

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  1. A good driving instructor should be punctual and accurate.
  2. A professional instructor is also an experienced psychologist. He will not "press" if he feels that you are scared or something is wrong. And at any time will not deny you your request to make a maneuver or pass a difficult place on the route again.
  3. For a professional instructor, such "sins" as shouting at students, telling students that "their place in the kitchen" and managing them, as well as other offensive and derogatory statements are unacceptable.
  4. A distinctive feature of a good instructor - patience and understanding that to master the skill of driving you need time.

How to choose a driving instructor?

Driving instructors provide private services, teaching driving to those who already have a driver's license, but are unsure of driving, and also want to get extra classes in parking or driving in bad weather, to restore driving skills. Information about instructors can be found on various sites, on bulletin boards. Important selection criteria: time and place of classes should be convenient for you; to do optimally not less than 60 minutes during employment, it is better - 90 minutes. As a rule, all instructors can find time for "double" classes - for two or three hours. Even if paying for "wholesale" classes is beneficial to you, first pay for one lesson to meet the instructor and understand how comfortable you will be with him. If something does not suit you and the problem cannot be solved, it is better to consult another instructor to deal with comfort and eventually get the desired result.