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How to involve kids with chores

How to involve kids with chores
How to involve kids with chores

Involving children with small chores creates in them a sense of responsibility. Keeping in mind the ever-increasing busy days it is certainly hard to accomplish everything, a good way to get everything done without over burdening one parent is to involve family in completing household chores. Involving children with chores will bring greater benefits. Make your expectations clear to kids so that they do not fear chores. How to involve kids with chores.

Be consistent in asking kids for help at home otherwise previous efforts to get them into habit of doing chores will be derailed.  If a child wants to skip a chore like feeding a pet, let him do so but never give them an option yourself. Parents must agree on what chores kids should be given responsibility of. It will make kids realize parents have some expectations of them. However, never hurry in forming a habit, remember it takes time to teach kids how to make it a habit of doing chores.

Siblings can sometimes undermine parents’ expectations from a younger kid when they see them getting skillful and competent. They may tell younger siblings that it is not fair to ask them to do chores. Therefore, set clear expectations and goals for each kid in the house and these goals need to appropriate and fair.

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In the beginning give them simple tasks to do like turning on lights in the evening, serving a guest and attending to the main door. You can ask them to get their toys together and put them in a storage place or take out clothes from the dryer. As they grow and learn doing chores, increase responsibility and the difficulty of chores. If a child is uncomfortable with a particular chore, let them do something else that makes them happy.

Always choose and assign chores that are age-appropriate. Some chores take little longer, some are more complex and some others want more effort. Therefore, increase the difficulty of chores gradually.