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How to help learners keep calm during distance learning

How to help learners keep calm during distance learning
How to help learners keep calm during distance learning

Working with parents demands figuring out how to make distance learning doable and comprehensive during this pandemic. It is vital to make students feel safe, and capable of doing academic work with limited available technology. The isolation is traumatic while situation is chronically unpredictable. It is causing everyone physical and emotive constraint to some level. Children are most vulnerable of all and it is important to let them express their emotions of anxiety or confusion. How to help learners.

Psychologists believe that the effects of our collective traumatic experiences keep lingering in our brains and slowly define our perceptual system. Therefore, making distance learning safe to ensure students’ social well-being.

Practicing some strategies and practices which are brain-aligned can help prepare students bodies and brains in a calm and controlled state. When a learner feels calm, his focus becomes improved and his attention gets sharper. Letting children express themselves will enable them to share their thoughts, feelings and sensations. This expression will provide them with sense of relief and calm.

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Asking students to share what they think of current pandemic through images and drawings will give their feelings an expression. Therefore, teachers are incorporating disease awareness assignments about viruses and how they spread epidemics. They may ask pupils to show how the pandemic is affecting them and their family. In this way, they will find a catharsis if they have seen any one suffering from the current viral disease in their close vicinity.

It will give them confidence to share their personal experiences and give vent to the anxiety that they face during this unprecedented situation. Teachers can ask them about what kind of activities they keep themselves busy with to avoid frustration. Children love to talk about their family, allowing them to share their personal life during pandemic will create a connection between them and teachers and make them feel calm and confident.