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How to go abroad for education in 2020

How to go abroad for education in 2020
How to go abroad for education in 2020

Going abroad for education is the dream of many students. This dream is further added on by scoring good marks academically and having good extracurricular activities. However, with the rise of Pandemic this dream of many students has been broken due to a large number of universities being closed down and some not allowing foreign students to join. How to go abroad for education in 2020.

Moreover, with the increase in admissions from other students around the globe, the merit has increased dramatically reducing the chances of most students to get into the university.

Going abroad for education in 2020 has gotten harder but it is still possible. One requires a proper admissions and counseling office and having a proper idea of where to go. Admissions in UK are quite hard as compared to other countries due to their rigorous screening process.

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Canada is a bit easier as they are much more lenient when it comes to admissions while it also individuals to have a chance to get a job in another environment. Australia is one of the easiest and best countries to get into due to its amazing screening process and the fact that they provide you with a comfortable time to try and get a job in the area. How to go abroad for education in 2020 is a question that many students ask themselves when discussing their future career plan.

However, with the increase in merits and the rise of the COVID pandemic this dream has been shattered for many students. This has led to depression and anxiety amongst students who are unable to properly control themselves and has led to suicide rates increasing in the entire region.

This was a comprehensive guide on how to go abroad for an education in 2020. However, it is important for students to realize that life is not over if they are unable to go abroad for education in 2020. They can opt for a gap year or can simply go for a local university option. In the end it is passion that matters and students should not feel very dishearten if they are unable to gain a proper admission in a university abroad.