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How to Easily Access a Location-Restricted Website

How to Easily Access a Location-Restricted Website
How to Easily Access a Location-Restricted Website

Sometimes no matter how much we want to view the content of a certain web page, if we are not in a specific country, we cannot access it because the website in question has a restricted location. What to do about it? We explain how you can access it simply and easily. How to Easily Access a Location-Restricted Website.

Some media use what is known as location restriction to prevent those users who are within it from being able to access it, for example, to read its content or view its videos.

This is very common in the media industry. And also on many streaming platforms, where some content (such as movies or television series) is only available for access and viewing from certain countries.

There are different options available to access a restricted location website. In fact, there are different tools or steps to follow to offer us the possibility of viewing these contents without having to be physically in the country for which only access is allowed.

Using a VPN: the best option (although it may not be free)

When it comes to accessing content that is blocked in the country where we currently live, those known as VPNs tend to become one of the best options, since they offer us the possibility of channeling all our traffic through an encrypted connection, implying that we are in the country where the server in question is located, although in reality this is not the case.

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For example, if we want to access services allowed only for viewing from Germany, it will be necessary to have a server based in Germany, with sufficient bandwidth for both uploading and downloading for its users. This is precisely what a VPN server offers.

While it is true that there are many free VPNs available, sometimes we may need to hire a plan offered by companies that specialize in this service. In most cases, for less than 15 euros a month we can use a VPN without speed restriction.

In addition, they offer the added window that many of these services have servers hosted in countless countries. For example, ExpressVPN (which is characterized, incidentally, as one of the easiest to use), has more than 3000 servers in 94 countries.

Accessing through the Google cache

Sometimes, when trying to access a search result in search engines such as Google, we are surprised that it is impossible to access the content because it is only allowed to be viewed from certain countries.

Interestingly, a simple solution can be to access that search result through the Google cache option, which is a snapshot of how that particular Web page was on a specific date (which was captured by Google robots) .

To do this, we just have to click on the icon with the down arrow, which we will find just to the right of the page title, and click on Cached. If all goes well, we can access the content of that website, even if it has a location restriction.