How to do a master degree without university studies

developing like a fish in water in this ... you can now update your knowledge through a master degree without having university studies. 

How to do a master degree without university studies
How to do a master degree without university studies

If you have been working in the same sector for a while and you feel that you are capable of developing like a fish in water in this ... you can now update your knowledge through a master degree without having university studies.

However, you are surely wondering how you can do a master's degree without having completed a degree at the university. Do not miss the following lines in which we offer you the answer that you are looking for so much.

What are the requirements to do a master's degree?

Many people like you have a preconceived idea of ‹‹specialization through a master's degree since, in effect, it is about high-level academic studies that award a master's degree in a discipline.

But what if you know the sector where you work more than yourself? As the saying goes: "experience is the mother of science" and perhaps yours is totally valid to start your academic path like any recent university graduate.

For this reason, the requirements to access a master's degree are much more than having completed a bachelor's or university degree. Read on to discover them:

  • Pre-registration or access application, perhaps one of the bureaucratic parts of the registration process, in which you will have to deliver the necessary documents required by the institution and even a letter of recommendation.
  • Level of languages, especially English, which is the second most widely requested language in graduate and business schools.
  • GMAT (Graduate Management Admission Test), an ability test that relates verbal and numerical information and is carried out in English.
  • Demonstrable experience in the sector, especially in some types of master's degrees such as MBAs, which require between one and five years.
  • University degree, which is not essential in many cases where work experience can replace it.

Here you can check the requirements to study a master's degree in psychology, education, social education and social work.

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How long does it take to do a master's degree?

With somewhat more open smudges, this is another of the relevant questions that will cross your mind during your decision process. Above all, by combining work and personal life with this training.

Both the official master's degrees and their own, meticulously distributed over 60 university credits, usually last about a year. However, in the case of private institutions, the duration will depend exclusively on it, depending on the modality, the possibility of carrying out an internship (compulsory or not), etc.

For this reason, specialization through other qualifications such as university experts or specialists is the order of the day and, of course, also at your disposal, taking up less time than specialization through a master's degree.

How much does it cost to do a master's degree?

Surely this question is of vital importance to you. And it is that, the price of the training depends entirely on:

  • The institution where you do it.
  • The current demand of the labor market in relation to this training.
  • Your economic, personal or work situation to obtain scholarships and official or own discounts.

If you are interested in articalgraduate training in the fields of psychology, education or social work, you can consult it here.

As you can see, there is more to life than accessing a master's degree through a university degree. For this reason, we recommend that you explore all the possibilities to find the one most related to you. You dare?