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How to build emotional resilience in kids?

How to build emotional resilience in kids?
How to build emotional resilience in kids?

Kids nowadays have gotten less resilient when it comes to issues as time passes around. In this pandemic, children have gotten increasingly stressed worried and anxious and experts have reported that children re now suffering from much more mental health issues as they did before. This is due to a large number of reasons. Firstly, this is because a large number of students spend d most of their time on social media where they are over exposed to things which are not healthy for them at any age let alone adolescence. build emotional resilience in kids.

Children nowadays spend most of their time on social media while not performing any engaging activity like physical exercise. This means that most kids have stopped engaging in any physical activity and rather choose to stay home and spend most of their time relaxing and not doing anything useful. This leads them to have lower emotional resilience as more of them have now adapted methodologies that make them extremely sensitive and unable to handle any criticism.

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When it comes to classrooms, children nowadays are now suspected to bullying from an extremely young age with no governing authority that stops such kind of behavior which leads to kids developing confidence issues from very young age. Emotional resilience is extremely important for the healthy development of a child especially in a time where most students currently face a lot of pressure from work and studies and having proper emotional resilience is the only way for them to cope through all the stress that comes their way at any given moment. This, with the lack of general awareness in kids and parents about the dangers of overexposure to social media and lack of emotional stability has bred a generation of children who are unable to properly handle pressure.

Emotional Resilience is paramount in young adults as they face the world. Kids nowadays lacking this skill will lead to a  generation of extremely sensitive individuals who will not be able to face the realities of the world.