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How to apply for jobs in Punjab Job Portal

How to apply for jobs in Punjab Job Portal
How to apply for jobs in Punjab Job Portal

The Punjab Government has recently launched an initiative known as the Punjab Jobs Portal where after submitting Professional Identification such as a resume. It will be available to all Government Departments in Punjab. This will let people discover government Punjab jobs in Pakistan as it will be a single stop shop across the board for Government Jobs. How to apply for jobs in Punjab Job Portal.

This initiative also allows individuals on the click of a button I.e. on the go. Currently, there are many jobs open in the Punjab Jobs Portal most notably being in the IT sector. These include the PITB or the Punjab Information Technology Board where designations from Program Manager to Software Engineer are required and needed.

There are many other jobs available in PJP These Range from Program Managers to DB Administrators to Senior UI/ UX designers. This is a great initiative by the Punjab government as usually these government jobs are posted in local newspapers where they tend to go unnoticed which is a disgrace as a lot of people could have applied for those specific jobs on merit bases.

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This means that this time there will be a tough competition for these jobs as a large amount of people are applying in the Punjab Jobs Portal. According to the website itself, about 72 jobs are available all over Punjab mainly in major cities like Lahore and Faisalabad. Moreover, about 452 government departments are registered in Punjab alone which is a fair amount where about one lakh eighty thousand people have applied and registered for specific jobs which indeed is a tough competition.

People can view upload and update their CV’s regularly and they will be contacted on the website or through email if their job interview is pending or if they have been selected for a specific job task. Punjab Job Portals is one of the many initiatives taken by the Punjab Government in order to digitalize the province.

Punjab Job Portals is one of the best directives taken by the government especially with the start of the COVID-19 pandemic where more people are now left jobless due to lack of economic scale.