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How teens get affected by racism

How teens get affected by racism
How teens get affected by racism

The belief that one’s own race is superior and the other races are inferior is called racism. A racist believes that an individual’s moral and social values are encoded by their inborn biological features. Racial autonomy is a belief that is rooted in racism most of the time; a belief that diverse races should remain separate and apart. How teens get affected by racism.

We may define racism as hatred for one person by the other who believes that the former is less human than him due to the colour, customs, language or birthplace. Racism has always been there through history. It was racism that afflicted curses like wars and slavery on humans. Nations and their laws were also formed with racism as their basis.

Most of the people are so obsessed with the idea of race and colour that they transfer that hatred onto their children. These children when growing up, start showing their hatred towards people from other races. Teenagers are extremely vulnerable to racism, one of the main reasons behind bullying at schools is difference of race pf the students.

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A study published in Journal of Applied Development Psychology revealed that black teens in America face racial discrimination against them on daily base. Such discrimination is can lead to symptoms of short-term depression. Black adolescents encounter inequities in racial health because discrimination happens multiple times in a day and it contributes to symptoms of mental health issues in them.

Scientists connect the number of deaths due to diabetes and heart failures among black Americans with racial discrimination. They assert that children who get exposed to racial discrimination are at higher risk of developing health issues such as obesity and hypertension as adults.