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How should teacher’s day be celebrated?

How should teacher's day be celebrated?
How should teacher's day be celebrated?

Teacher’s day is celebrated on the 5th of October. It is meant as a celebration of the teachers that teach us everything from every subject to specific sciences and classes. Teachers are respected and loved by everyone in the society and this day is celebrated in various throughout the world. The event in itself is a moment of happiness for students and educators around the globe. This day was organized some years ago and was organized by various schools and educational institutions around the globe.

There are various ways to celebrate Teacher’s Day.  Most students present their teachers with various gifts and other rewards in order to make them feel happy and appreciated. Some students take their favorite teachers out to dinner. Most schools have special assemblies where the efforts of these teachers are appreciated in front of the entire assembly and special awards and accolades to teachers who achieve the highest GPAs in their given subjects.

Moreover, in these assemblies, teacher’s are encouraged to celebrate the spirit of Teacher’s Day by showcasing a special talent of theirs, whether that be singing or dancing or a speech or their favorite poem. This is done in order to humanize teachers in front of students and to teach them that these teachers also have hopes and passions are dreams but they sacrifice all of that to educate their students who they consider as their own children.

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Teacher’s day should be celebrated with zeal and vigor, it is a day of honor and pride where every individual should come out and pay respect to the teachers present in their life whatever institute or grade level they belong from. From professors in universities to elementary school teachers, all of them have a special place in the society and are the backbone of a developing nation.

Without respecting and loving teachers, one cannot expect to go so far in life. While it is true that one day is not enough to appreciate teacher’s, it is worth a shot to just try and understand the perspective of teacher’s who have spent their entire lives dedicated to spreading education and imparting their knowledge to the younger generation.