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How can we customize gestures on Air Pods

If you regularly use Apple Air Pods, it is possible that at some point you have noticed that the function of activating Siri with the double-tap gesture may not be very useful depending on the situation. What to do about it? The truth is that it is possible to customize some of the gestures that we carry out with the use of these headphones. We explain how to do it. How can we customize gestures on Air Pods.

It is clear that Apple Airpods have managed to position themselves as the most popular and well-known headphones in the world since their official launch at the end of 2016.

Since then, while the first version was officially discontinued on March 20, 2019, we can now find third-generation AirPods (or AirPods 3) and AirPods Pro in stores, while we can already enjoy AirPods Max, which they claim high fidelity sound and active noise cancellation.

Although the Air Pods are extremely simple and easy to use (from their initial configuration to their daily use), did you know that it is possible to customize the gestures that we carry out to use them every day?

Setting the double tap function

Thanks to the different accelerometers they incorporate, the Air Pods support the double-tap gesture on the sides. By default, this gesture will call Siri to be able to perform a search or make a request through this system, but on some occasions, it is true, this function may not make much sense (especially in those moments when we do not have Internet connection).

Precisely, for users who do not find it very useful to invoke Siri every time they perform the double-tap gesture, you should know that it is possible to modify it.

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To do this, you must go to the Settings application of the iPhone or iPad, from the home screen, click on the Bluetooth menu and look for the Air Pods. Now, you must click on the option “i”, which you will find located next to the name of the Air Pods, and just below the Double tap function in Air Pods we choose the option Play / Pause or Deactivate.

While it is true that there are not many options available, it is quite likely that the option to play and pause is much more comfortable than that provided by Siri, especially in those moments when someone speaks to us and we need to stop what we are listening to. Without the need to hold the device in your hands.

Enable or disable automatic detection when we put the Air Pods in our ears

One of the most important functionalities and features of the Air Pods has to do with the automatic detection of the ears. In this way, when we remove one of the headphones from our ears, what we are listening to will be paused automatically. However, when we put it back on, the music will automatically resume.

However, it is possible to disable this option. To do this, we must go to the Settings app from the home screen, click on Bluetooth and look for our Air Pods.

Then, click on the “i” icon that we will find located next to the name of the Air Pods, we look for the Automatic ear detection option and, to deactivate it, we simply slide the switch. In case we want to activate it again, we will have to do the same.