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How a lack of education effects elections

How a lack of education effects elections
How a lack of education effects elections

We are all provided with the basic democratic right to choose our leader on the basis of what progress we want to see. But why is then that sometimes absurd candidates win whose policies are detrimental in the current era or those who promote hate speech? The two fundamental issues which lead to such outcomes every election are the massive no show bloc and voters who follow their peers or elders into choosing candidates. And the reason for both aforementioned issues which lead to the negation of our integral democratic right by our very own hands is a lack of proper education to turn students into responsible voters. How a lack of education effects elections.

The no-show bloc in the 2016 elections of the US was 102.7 million which vastly outnumbered the 62.9 million that voted for Donald Trump and 65.8 million who voted for Hillary Clinton. These massive numbers are enough to sway every election and are present in every election yet al; ways unaware of the importance of the decision they have on their hands. The lack of proper education allows them to be indifferent to the very fate of their country, which can be devastating.

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Students in schools need to be taught the importance of elections and how valuable their vote is because no matter how indecisive they feel, the worst thing they can do is not vote on a whole. After they are convinced to vote primarily, they need to be taught moral reasoning argumentation and critically analyzing historical precedent so that they are adequately civic literate when the time comes around for elections. A student who decides they will vote but only goes forth to ballot on what they hear from their elders or peers is not a responsible voter. They must be able to decide for themselves and choose which political wing they align to and what party they want to support to see reformations in their country.

In the US 2020 elections, the democrats are center-left, which is a moderately liberal stance and more progressive towards values of the 21s century. In contrast, the republicans are right to win conservatives that want to keep the preset traditions and laws as they are. If you vote republican because your friends did and then complain about conservatism and racism, it is your fault for voting for a party whose agenda disagreed with your values without proper research. If it is made sure that the students we are turning out of our institutes are civically literate enough we can counter both of the most significant issues which take away any advantage of being a democratic state.