Home Office fully? Puron PR10 - a robot that will get the apartment back for you

Home Office fully? Puron PR10 - a robot that will get the apartment back for you
Home Office fully? Puron PR10 - a robot that will get the apartment back for you

Remote work has become commonplace for many people today, and in some cases also a prospect for longer years. Such functioning requires from us some changes and proper self-organization, also when it comes to keeping order in our four angles. However, there is a solution that can help us, and it is a modern cleaning robot that allows you to clean flat surfaces. Home Office fully? Puron PR10 - a robot that will get the apartment back for you.

The coronavirus pandemic has completely changed the reality in which we have operated so far. For many people, the main change was the transition to work and distance learning - our apartments have become at the same time an office, school and a place of rest. I have been working in home office mode for over a year and although I experience many benefits in this solution, I realize that functioning in this way requires a lot of self-discipline and appropriate organization - not only time, but also a workplace. Personally, in order to feel calm and comfortable while carrying out everyday tasks, I must be provided with appropriate conditions, and above all ... there must be order around.

Unfortunately, working from home, you can easily see that the mess becomes faster and more frequent than when we spent most of the day outside our four corners. And this becomes even more apparent if other family members or roommates are also working or learning remotely. Fortunately, technological progress means that modern devices such as washing machines, dishwashers or ... cleaning robots help us in many activities, including cleaning. And while the first two appliances are well known to us and have been present in virtually every home for a long time, cleaning robots are only now beginning to gain more and more interest. And no wonder, after all, they are able to do us in the daily vacuuming or cleaning the floor.

Cleaning robots - why is it worth it?

A few years ago, the market for cleaning robots was very narrow, and the prices of this type of gadget certainly did not encourage quick purchase. Currently, more and more manufacturers add cleaning robots to their offers, and this in turn reduces prices. In addition, it should be noted that over the course of several years, automatic vacuum cleaners have significantly improved in terms of technology. A Wi-Fi module, an extensive sensor system or space mapping is becoming a standard today when it comes to equipping automatic robots. Expanded amenities make cleaning the house even faster, more convenient and, above all, more pleasant.

Which cleaning robot to choose?

As I mentioned, the market for cleaning robots is currently constantly growing, so choosing the right model turns out to be a bit more difficult. Unfortunately, among the wide range of automatic vacuum cleaners, we can often find low-quality equipment that will simply refuse to cooperate after a few runs. Therefore, before we decide to buy a cleaning robot, we should pay attention to technical parameters, such as battery capacity (including declared working and charging time), cleaning mechanisms, waste container capacity or the type of filters. The size of the vacuum cleaner and the method of navigation may also be an important aspect.

If automatic vacuuming is not enough for us, we can decide to buy a hybrid robot, i.e. additionally equipped with a floor cleaning function. A perfect example of such a solution is the PURON PR10 cleaning robot.

PURON PR10 - the perfect assistant during remote work

PURON PR10 is an advanced cleaning robot equipped with a number of modern functions, such as cleaning the floor, laser space navigation, UV lamp or voice messages It is a device that will make maintaining order and hygiene in the apartment much easier.

It will deal with germs

Thanks to modern technology, PURON equipment allows us to tame bacteria and viruses, as well as allergies caused by dust, mites or mold. The built-in lamp placed under the robot produces UV radiation, which allows it to fight pathogenic organisms that threaten our health.

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Another convenience that distinguishes the device from other robot models is the ability to wash the floor. Thanks to a special mop tank, we can remove dirt from any hard surface. Importantly, the tank is divided into two parts - water and dry dirt, so the robot collects the largest dirt during mopping. The water tank can hold as much as 360 ml of the liquid, which - as the manufacturer emphasizes - is enough to wash about 200 m² of surface.

It will adapt to our needs

PURON PR10 is equipped with a Wi-Fi module, thanks to which we can control the robot using the WeBack mobile application installed on a smartphone or tablet. In this way, we can take full advantage of all functions and adjust the operation of the device to our needs. Thanks to special settings in the application, we can:

  • Put up a virtual wall;
  • Indicate the room or space that the robot will not enter during cleaning;
  • Indicate the room or space that the robot is to clean;
  • Regulate the suction power - from 1800 to 2500 Pa - Quiet, Standard, Turbo;
  • Regulate the degree of soaking of the cloth while mopping;
  • Indicate the place where the robot is to go;
  • Change the language and turn down / off voice prompts;
  • Update the software;
  • Check cleaning history;
  • Direct the robot to the charging station;
  • Save up to three surface maps in the app.

In addition, the set includes a remote control that also allows you to control the work of the robot. Without reaching for the phone, we can quickly stop the device, change the power of operation or conveniently lead the robot to the place of our choice.

He can handle any situation

The Puron PR10 cleaning robot is equipped with a system of advanced sensors, thanks to which it avoids obstacles, does not knock furniture or fall down stairs. In addition, it can easily fit even under low cabinets - the height of the robot is 7.6 cm (+ 2 cm of the height of the laser itself), but it should be noted that the laser bends slightly, so we do not have to worry that the device gets jammed .

Thanks to a powerful 3200 mAh battery, the vacuum cleaner is able to clean approx. 200 m² of surface with one charge. After finishing work or when the battery is discharged, the robot will return to the charging station by itself, and then resume work where it left off.

Will not interfere with your work

PURON PR10 is a device that does not generate too much noise, so it does not interfere with work, study or even while sleeping. The maximum sound level it produces is approx. 50 dB. In addition, the equipment works automatically and does not require too much attention from us, and we can give any commands without distracting from the workplace - using a smartphone, tablet or remote control.

Clean space = better well-being and health

The last year brought a lot of challenges, especially when it comes to maintaining order and hygiene, also in our apartments. Being at home constantly requires that you keep it clean like never before, so it's worth looking for solutions that will help us in this.

The PURON PR10 robotic vacuum cleaner is a salutary tool not only for keeping clean, but also for getting rid of everything that threatens our health. It is worth noting that not every cleaning robot can cope with the disinfection of the apartment and precise navigation, in which there are more obstacles and users.