Holidays at home - how to spend them in an interesting way? Ideas for kids and adults

been time for so far. Check out our article on how to spend your vacation at home and make the most of your vacation. Holidays at home. 

Holidays at home - how to spend them in an interesting way? Ideas for kids and adults
Holidays at home - how to spend them in an interesting way? Ideas for kids and adults

Vacationing at home does not have to mean confining yourself to four walls and hanging out on the Internet from morning to night. Summer is a great opportunity to go beyond the routine, find your creativity and do something that there hasn't been time for so far. Check out our article on how to spend your vacation at home and make the most of your vacation. Holidays at home.

A vacation at home - can it be successful?

Many people think that a vacation without leaving is a waste of time. It's a myth! Spending the summer in your hometown requires going beyond routine and creativity, which is not always the time of the off-season. Schools, cultural institutions and city offices that organize many attractions for children, adolescents and adults also come with help. What to do on vacation at home? We advise.

How to spend a vacation at home? Be a tourist in your city

Everyday life in the city makes us forget how many interesting activities it offers to its residents and tourists. It is therefore worth considering when was the last time we visited local monuments, museums or art galleries. From the beginning of June to the end of September, the choice of attractions is even greater, as well as meetings with interesting people, such as writers, artists or travelers, are organized. Those interested also have the opportunity to listen to lectures by art historians. A vacation at home can therefore be a very inspiring and developing time.

Check what the municipal community centers offer

It may also be a good idea to check the offer of municipal community centers. These institutions organize creative activities not only for children and adolescents, but also for adults, e.g. painting on canvas, theater workshops, ballroom dancing courses, ceramic workshops, piano lessons and voice emission workshops. Some of them are free, and the remaining ones have to be paid from 15 to 100 zlotys depending on the type and number of classes. Certainly, everyone will find something for themselves and will not burden the home budget.

What can you do during a vacation at home? City authorities' proposals

Are you wondering what to do by yourself during the holidays so as not to feel lost time? In summer, city offices come up with many offers of activities for children, adolescents and adults. Yoga lessons organized outside, free concerts, family board games tournaments, football and basketball matches, fitness classes, open-air cinema and much more await those interested. Most of the attractions and activities are financed from the city budget, so they are free of charge. This is good news for people who, due to their financial situation, cannot afford large expenses.

See what's playing in cinemas and theaters

In summer, open-air cinemas open up. This is a great opportunity to spend time outdoors and commune with culture. Free film screenings are held throughout the country, especially in large cities. Theater lovers will not be disappointed either, because in parks and squares, performances for children, teenagers and adults are staged. It is therefore worth checking the websites of local theaters.

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How fun to spend a vacation at home? Jump into the water

Pools can be found in almost every major city. Depending on the location, some of them only allow swimming, while in others the offer is extended to paddling pools for children, slides or fairways. Going to the swimming pool is not the only way to cool down on a hot day. Outside the city, you can find many bathing areas, such as lakes, rivers, lagoons and retention reservoirs. However, attention should be paid to whether they are located in a place authorized for use and whether the safety over the water is guarded by a lifeguard. After all, a safe vacation at home is essential.

Practice your foreign language skills

Holidays are a great time to break the language barrier, learn how to have free conversations with foreigners and learn about the culture of other countries. Contrary to appearances, you do not need to travel to the other end of the world. If you are wondering how to spend your vacation at home, consider vacation language courses. They are intended for children, adolescents and adults. Students can choose from several different levels of advancement. The aim of the course is to increase self-confidence when using a foreign language and to develop reading, listening, writing and speaking skills. Summer language courses will also be a great solution for those people who are preparing for international exams. It is also a great idea to catch up on the previous semester.

Vacation at home - what to do with a child?

Having to stay home for a vacation is often a huge disappointment for a child. Especially when his friends go to summer camps, youth camps or trips abroad. What can you do during a vacation at home to give your little one lots of great memories? Here are our suggestions.

Summer in city

On the initiative of cities and cultural institutions, campaigns such as "Summer in the city" are organized, dedicated to school children. The program of activities includes sports, art and educational games. Depending on the city, kids can take part in artistic jewelery making workshops, football matches, culinary workshops, outdoor games, song competitions, and try their hand at various sports. There are also trips to the swimming pool, museums and theaters, as well as parks and forests.

Day camps

Due to the high costs, not all parents are able to send their children to summer camps or camps lasting several weeks. However, the toddler can spend an interesting and inspiring time in the place of residence. Day camps are group activities for children and adolescents that last during parents' working hours. Their goal is to provide the youngest with contact with art and culture, and to create conditions conducive to discovering artistic and sports abilities. In addition, they have a chance to make friends with their peers and find new interests.

Participants are under the supervision of qualified instructors from morning until evening. Depending on the city and the organizer, the program of the day camp may include bicycle trips, trips to the swimming pool and cultural institutions, creative workshops, programming lessons, experiments in the laboratory, as well as robotics and electronics classes. Food can also be provided for the children.

How cool is it to spend a vacation at home with a child?

What can you do at home during your vacation? Everything! Summer in the city should not mean sitting in front of the TV or computer. Parents and their children can spend wonderful, creative time together. If your child likes to help in the kitchen, it is worth planning a dinner preparation together, baking a cake or cupcakes. It can also be a great idea to show the kids how the games looked like a dozen or several dozen years ago. Drawing with chalk on the pavement, playing rubber and classes, jumping rope or spinning hula hoops will provide your toddler with great entertainment, and will be a sentimental journey back to childhood for parents.

It is also worth playing hide and seek, play round and round, goose home or warm and cold. Holidays are also a great time to organize a trip to the forest, a bicycle trip, a night in a tent (e.g. in a garden or on a plot) or a picnic in the meadow. A toddler who had so many interesting activities will surely come back to school with lots of great summer memories.