Great need for expertise in Cyber Security

digitalization go on steroids, it is clear that the situation has become even more acute. Great need for expertise in Cyber Security.

Great need for expertise in Cyber Security

Having knowledge and expertise in cybersecurity as a company is becoming increasingly crucial as cybercrime increases. Now, almost a year into a global pandemic that has made digitalization go on steroids, it is clear that the situation has become even more acute. Great need for expertise in Cyber Security.

2020 has been characterized by digitalization and teleworking, and it has become even clearer that companies must become better at defending themselves against an ever-widening set of threats.

The IT security company Research, has investigated how this type of crime has developed during the pandemic and what readiness companies have to deal with these. Their October 2020 report mentions the following:

  • Teleworking and being connected in new places has resulted in greater security challenges for companies.
  • In an effort to speed up the adoption of cloud services, the security aspects have fallen further behind.
  • AI and machine learning have reduced the chances of detecting cybercrime, and have rather contributed to the development of a criminal ecosystem.
  • The risk of attacks (and attack surfaces) increases with the development of smart technologies, such as the Internet of Things, smart buildings and autonomous cars.
  • There is an increased knowledge gap and difficulties in finding competence in Cyber ‹‹Security.

Increased demand and great lack of skills

(ISC) ², the global member organization for companies active in cybersecurity, released a survey in December on the skills needs of the sector. The survey, which is published annually and collects responses from professionals, highlights a number of problem areas. For example, the unbalanced gender distribution in the area. It is estimated that the sector globally needs to grow by 89%, which corresponds to an additional 3.1 million people, in order for companies to be able to handle the threat picture they currently face. In Europe, the skills gap is estimated at as many as 168,000 individuals.

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In other words, there is a great need to find, train and employ the right type of Cyber ‹‹Security skills. This, while there is an urgent need for companies to update their strategies in the area.

Eugene Kaspersky, founder of the IT security company Kaspersky Labs, sums it up well in a artical in Computer opinion section: "The key to tomorrow's cyber security is not spelled technology - but education".

How can we fill the skills gap?

Most industry experts agree that we need to look at the problem from a holistic perspective. The demand for skills can only be solved through long-term strategic initiatives, such as various types of learning initiatives, increased skills development and a larger talent pool.

Expert says "A challenge with the cybersecurity area specially is that it spans an oversized breadth: the business, processes, laws, additionally as a result of the technical area in conjunction with the total system development cycle, operations and infrastructure. Most of these areas are below durable change pressure with manufacture. of IT. "

As a customer, you can already pre-book a Cyber ‹‹Security consultant. You are involved in the entire recruitment process and get to know the applicants to ensure that they have what you are looking for.