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Government to reduce weight of school bags for children

Government to reduce weight of school bags for children
Government to reduce weight of school bags for children

The government of Pakistan has recently introduced and taken into consideration the fact that the weight of schoolbags for children should be reduced considerably as to what they are now. Most parents and educators agree that right now the weight of books is too much for little children in primary education and it may pose some serious health concerns in the long run if they continue to be this way. The KP government was the first to introduce this and the proposed law is to be placed before the provincial cabinet for approval. Government to reduce weight of school bags for children.

The proposed law is meant for institutions but is mainly to be done by the end of the summer break. The fine imposed for having heavier bags according to the law imposed is up to 200,000 while most schools will be given proper storage facilities for each student so that they can store their relevant course material, books, equipment in these cupboard size lockers.

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Every principal will have to change their way of education so that they can be informed in advance of the books and notebooks they have to carry. There will be an independent committee formed which will integrate some subjects and courses to each other to reduce the weight off these books and much higher quality paper will be used. The private schools will also follow these rules and regulations in order to reduce the wait of schoolbags for children studying in Pakistan.

The school bag weight itself has been set under international law and will not exceed 15 per cent of a child’s total body wait. According to experts, high weight of school bags leads to many health and mental issues for students and most legislators and law makers turned a blind eye to this very important issue.

The reduction of the weight of school bags in Pakistan is a welcome change ass it only had negative effects. The imposition of lockers in every school will allow the students to feel much more relaxed alongside the information of knowing what books to bring for the next day by the teachers will ensure lighter bags which will be much easier to carry for the students creating a much better and healthier learning environment for all.