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Google Nest Smart Speaker – Best Value

Google Nest Smart Speaker – Best Value
Google Nest Smart Speaker – Best Value

The google nest smart speaker like many other smart speakers are pretty much the ideal home stereo for the streaming music generation. Calling Alexa or an amazon echo or Siri to play whatever song is on your head is a very new but extremely useful feature.

The Google Nest fills the gap between the Google Home and effectively replaces it with a cheaper more quality based version that does almost all of the things the $200 home does but for cheaper at the cost of lower sound fidelity and quality. In summary, the google nest audio will offer much better music quality than most small speakers and it isn’t that expensive either.

The hardware of the Nest Audio is quite amazing, its less than 7 inches tall and only 3 inches thick. You can put the Google Nest any place you want and it will look absolutely stunning. But then again, the question arises, does it sound as good since it is quite small in size. Well, we first must see that its covered with audio-transparent cloth and is covered in 5 colors.

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It has 4 LEDS that activate when you’re talking to it, has a power button and a mute switch. The google nest smart speaker also features invisible touch sensitive buttons on the top to play or pause audio and also to adjust volume. It also has an audio input jack so you can’t use it as a stereo. The google nest works with google Assistant for both iOS and Android where you can pick your favorite music app. The nest does not let you use Apple and Amazon Music. However, it does work fine with Deezer and Spotify which is a big plus.

After setting up the Nest, you can use it to listen to podcasts, music, audiobooks or streams from apps like TuneIn. The experience isn’t really different to what the Google Home Assistant has been doing for an extremely long time. It is quite a useful smart speaker and is recommended for individuals who don’t wish to spend as much but still want to enjoy the full experience.