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Google Marks Holidays with their December Doodles

Google Marks Holidays with their December Doodles
Google Marks Holidays with their December Doodles

Christmas is just around the corner for a large number of people. Hannukah the Jewish tradition is also coming up which is a festival a lot of people are keen about. All of these festivities and generally being known as the festive season has eld to Google implementing some cool new Doodles that show the festivities the world is currently getting into this year. Google Marks Holidays with their December Doodles.

The first holiday this year that Google is going to be having a Doodle for is Hannukah which runs from the 10th to the 18th of December. The holiday commemorates the rededication of the Second Temple in Jerusalem. The holiday is observed by lighting a menorah which is a special stand that has nine branches. The second arguably most famous and most celebrated holiday is definitely Christmas. The holiday is on the 25th of December and is meant to celebrate the birth of Jesus Christ.

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In this holiday, people give gifts, arrange feasts decorate trees in their home and generally have a very good time. These holidays are extremely vital for modern day society and it is very beautiful as to how Google with their Doodles have appreciated these particular holidays time and time again by creating unique relevant cartoons that change the shape of the logo while still keeping the same name towards it. It shows that Google indeed understands holidays and appreciates that people celebrate them and even wants people to celebrate the holiday with it. The doodles are meant to be a very positive brand image of the company while also trying to remove the current stigmas people have with the company regarding its privacy laws and other concerns.

The December Doodles by Google have become a stable for the company for the past couple of years and people have always wondered whats next in terms of design in store for the company. Most would agree that Google has definitely gotten better at crafting new ideas for Doodles each year as most of them have been revisited countless times