Get off to a good bright start at university

Get off to a good bright start at university
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The end of summer is approaching and with it the start of the school year. For many, the beginning of a new stage in life with the change from school to university. This is a crucial time in a person's education as they start to move in the direction in which they are likely to develop their working life. For this reason, it is important to face these moments with confidence and enthusiasm, preparing as well as possible so that the jump is not so demanding. In this sense, organization plays a decisive role, and having the right school supplies will help you start classes on the right foot. Even so, in addition to proper preparation and planning of the studies, there are other factors to take into account at the time of beginning.

Choose your teachers well

Although this is not always possible, it is always advisable to at least find out who your instructor is going to be in each subject, since this way you will always know what you can expect from the course. Each teacher is different, and each student has a different vision and expectations, so adapting to demands or a methodology that you do not share is something that you are going to have to deal with on more than one occasion.

Make as many contacts as possible

The first few days most people are in the same situation as you and have the same concerns, so it is the ideal time to start meeting people. In addition to the possibility of making friends and being able to socialize during your years of study, all the contacts you have made during this time can serve you in the future in the labour aspect, since you will probably meet more than one throughout your professional life.

Approach teachers

One of the most significant changes when moving from secondary to higher education is the attitude of teachers. Everyone knows that university professors are not even remotely as close to the students as those of the school, being in most cases just one more number to evaluate. So, you are going to have to learn to be independent and not need someone to guide you at every step. However, there is an option with which you can establish a more personal relationship with the teacher, and this is by signing up for extracurricular activities such as conferences or workshops. In this way, in addition to making yourself known to the person who will be your evaluator, you will be able to expand your network of useful contacts in the future.


Join associations

Within the faculties there are always all kinds of organizations that bring students together around common interests or concerns. The most common are those of a political nature, since elections will be held periodically to elect the representatives of the students. However, there are associations of all kinds, so finding out about them is a good way to get to know the university from the beginning.


By following these guidelines, integration will be much easier for sure. In the end it is one more educational stage, but a stage of growth that you will remember all your life.