Get better at math

bad start with the subject. Even learning to ride a bike seemed impossible in the beginning and now you can do it, right. Get better at math.

Get better at math
Get better at math

Sometimes it can feel like it's either super easy or it feels really difficult and incomprehensible. But, it's guaranteed not to run just because you got off to a bad start with the subject. Even learning to ride a bike seemed impossible in the beginning and now you can do it, right. Get better at math.

Math is a language

Yes, we know. This is something you've probably heard an old teacher say about 100,000 times. But, unfortunately, there is actually something in it. You have to practice to learn and no matter how complicated and difficult it seems, there are actually logic and rules for how to do it. It is when you break that famous code that math becomes really fun.

Scroll backwards

When you get stuck in the math book, it is often because you missed some small detail that was gone through on the page before. Go back in the book and do some simple numbers a couple of times until it settles down so it will be easier to move on to the more difficult calculations. Having to redo something is not a failure, you have actually learned something completely new! Practice, as you know, gives skill.

Break down

Is that a big number you are struggling with? Take a minute, scroll on insta and breathe. Return to the number, now you can start by dividing the number into smaller parts. If you take each part separately, you will probably see that you get a better overall view of the problem, it will be much easier to solve everything.

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Take it slow

Did you still not get the right answer? Take a break and come back when the frustration subsides a bit. Try making the speech from a different angle and see if it gets easier. If not, think again, look at similar numbers you solved earlier and try again. With patience and perseverance you will go far.

Sometimes you will need help from someone who actually can to move on. Maybe an educational and helpful friend, teacher, parent or homework help can make the token fall down? Different people sometimes think very differently and explain in completely different ways. If you do not understand the teacher's review, ask him to explain in another way, or ask someone else. If it still does not work, there are others who may be able to help you, speech by speech.

Math in high school

Once you get started with math and start to understand the subject, you may notice that it's really fun. Regardless of whether you are already super-skilled or interested in learning more, the Science program is a good alternative where you can study many math courses. Maybe you can even imagine a top education in mathematics?