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Forgetfulness in language learning

Forgetfulness in language learning

Learning a language may be challenging for an adult as compared to children who have the natural capacity to learn multiple language at a time. The most common problem that occurs in language learning is that we forget what we have learnt. However, we should remember that forgetting is a part of learning; our mind creates space for new information by overlooking some of the previous information.

We can overcome forgetting by practicing whatever we learn. Proactivity like maintaining a regular schedule also helps in learning and retaining a language. Some say that fluency helps retain a language better; try to reach a level of fluency and you won’t forget the use of language. Another problem behind forgetfulness might be overlearning; when we try to learn a lot of a new language our mind cannot retain all the information or it may jumble up the usage of new words.


During the language learning there comes a time when you have learnt tons of words and grammatical rules but then comes a stage where you cannot maintain your energy level or motivation levels and you stop being proactive. A simple yet effective strategy is to immerse yourself in the language speaking community; try online practice with other learners as well as those who are proficient in the language you are learning.

Engage yourself in the habit of speaking new language until you achieve certain level of fluency. Learning two languages at a time is yet another factor behind forgetting what you learn. Take one language at one stage and move step by step. When you feel you have practiced enough and mastered the use of new language then move on to a new language.