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Floating an unusual remedy for stress, nerves and fatigue

Floating an unusual remedy for stress, nerves and fatigue
Floating an unusual remedy for stress, nerves and fatigue

More and more people are overwhelmed by the excess of duties in everyday life, time pressure, and stress. That is why we are constantly looking for ways to calm down and break away from the hardships of everyday life. One of them is floating, a type of relaxation treatment that relaxes the body and mind. What is worth knowing about floating?

Floating is a Therapy of Limited Environmental Stimulation, which consists of the maximum limit of stimuli reaching us from the outside. A floating session has a soothing effect on the body and mind. Thanks to the water and salt solution floating on the surface in a specially prepared cabin or capsule.

What does the floating procedure look like?

Participants of this procedure are closed in a special capsule filled with a solution of water and Epsom salt, commonly known as bitter salt, which is a natural mineral compound consisting of precious elements – sulfur and magnesium at a temperature of about 35 degrees.

Floating in water saturated with Epsom salt allows the body to drift freely without any effort, experiencing a state of weightlessness. During the stay in the capsule, the influence of external stimuli is eliminated. There is silence and darkness during the screening. The participants of the floating session are not influenced by any sounds, lights, or smells. In addition, disposable earplugs reduce noise coming from outside to almost zero.

Water with Epsom salt – a mixture with unique properties

The water in the capsule or cabin used in the floating procedure is kept at a constant temperature of 35 degrees, which is close to the body temperature. Epsom salt water by itself has antibacterial, antiviral, and antifungal properties. Additional protection is a built-in filtration and purification system mounted in the capsule, which is activated after each session. The high concentration of salt creates adequate buoyancy, thanks to which the persons participating in the treatment float on the surface of the water, thus not feeling the gravity of the earth.

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“Floating can bring us both physiological and psychological benefits. During the procedure, the muscles relax, blood pressure drops and the heart rate slows down. Floating effectively lowers the level of cortisol and adrenaline, and at the same time leads to the release of a large number of endorphins. So, it has an antidepressant effect. It also positively influences the increase of concentration and reduction of fatigue,

Who is floating for?

It is also a good treatment for people after injuries and operations requiring rehabilitation. Floating is also recommended for athletes as a form of quick regeneration after exercise. If there are no medical contraindications. It can also be a good form of relaxation, bringing relief to pregnant women, relieving the tired back.

The physiological benefits of floating that are worth emphasizing are the relief of muscles, joints, and the spine, lowering high blood pressure and reducing headaches. The psychological benefits of regular use of floating sessions are primarily the reduction of fatigue. As one hour of the session corresponds to 4 hours of sleep.

Floating – contraindications

Contraindications for the treatment are infections, irritations, skin damage, otitis, epilepsy, psychosis, mental disorders. Floating should also not be used by women in the first trimester of pregnancy and people with thrombosis and diagnosed with claustrophobia. You should also remember not to shave or depilate on the day of the treatment.

The history of floating was born in the 1950s. Its popularity has also reached Poland, becoming a new way for Poles to relax and reduce stress. For many people who have already benefited from a floating session. It is not only a new, pleasant experience but also an effective form of temporary disconnection from the environment and current problems.