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First job after graduation – what to remember when choosing?

First job after graduation - what to remember when choosing?
First job after graduation - what to remember when choosing?

Seeking your first job after graduation is often a stressful task. Graduates of higher education institutions view job advertisements from potential employers, send a meticulously prepared CV and wait with hope for an invitation to an interview. The first job awaits the candidates who present themselves best during the meeting with the recruiter. Before you, there are some key information that may help you enter the labor market. First job after graduation.

Work for experienced people

Employers value candidates who have not only theoretical knowledge, but also practical skills. If you have completed an internship or student apprenticeship, remember to highlight it appropriately in your CV. Attach references to your application documents, thanks to which you will gain a chance to stand out from other candidates applying for the same position. Gaining experience while studying makes it much easier to find your dream job. If there are currently no offers related to your industry on the market, try to find a temporary job. Perhaps this will help you acquire new skills and make your CV more attractive.

Start working after signing the contract

If you successfully complete all stages of the recruitment, remember that the employer should provide you with a written contract, which is the legal basis for establishing the employment relationship and contains the most important information regarding the rights and obligations of both parties signing the document.

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What does a professionally prepared contract contain?

  • Employer’s and employee’s personal data,
  • Conclusion date,
  • Information about the nature of the contract (e.g. for a specified period),
  • Employee duties,
  • Job description,
  • Place of work,
  • Working time,
  • The amount of remuneration,

It is not without reason that we mentioned the date of conclusion of the contract above. The document must be signed on the day you start working at the latest. Employing employees without a contract is against Polish law and the employer may be fined for such behavior, as it is considered a breach of the employee’s rights.

First job after graduation – what kind of contract?

The common assumption of each employee is to sign a contract for an indefinite period, as such a contract provides a sense of stability. Your first job after college is an opportunity to prove yourself in a given industry, so if you don’t get the type of contract you want right away, don’t give up. Other types of contracts also offer a wide range of opportunities, especially for people who are just starting their careers. At the beginning, many employers offer a contract for a trial period (maximum three months) in order to be able to find out whether a given person is an ideal candidate for a specific position. During this time, you can prove yourself in performing the duties entrusted to you and verify the work environment. By signing a contract for a trial period or a fixed-term contract, it is much easier to quit your job if the employment does not meet your expectations.