Family picnic at home? Bet on board games!

those who want to live eco, and maybe touching and helping to express their feelings? Find something for yourself. Family picnic at home.

Family picnic at home? Bet on board games!
Family picnic at home? Bet on board games!

May weekend is about to come. Even if you rest at home, you can use this time to build family relationships. The moments spent with people close to the heart are extremely precious! A common evening with a family comedy can be relaxing. Today, however, we present some ideas for exciting family board games. Strategic, stimulating creativity, for those who want to live eco, and maybe touching and helping to express their feelings? Find something for yourself. Family picnic at home.

Story Cube

It is a game that will warm your imagination, stimulate creativity and will certainly offer all participants a huge dose of positive energy. Extremely simple assumptions make it great fun for both the youngest and elderly family members. The game consists of 9 cubic cubes, each with different illustrations. The participant throws the dice, and then creates a story based on the drawn pictures. He can start with any drawing - the first on the right, the farthest out, or the one that caught his eye. Long long time ago¦. or once upon a time¦. How will this story end? It depends only on you! Player age 6+.

The settlers of Catan

It is an educational and exciting game for 3-4 people. The players are settlers on the newly discovered island of Catan. Each of the settlers develops their own colony. The goal of the game is to collect 10 points. He can get them by building housing estates and roads, and also thanks to special cards. The game is not one of the shortest and you have to watch out for it - whoever tries their hand at the game will often come back to it! Player age: 10+.

Once Upon a Time the Earth: Build an Ecological City

Protecting the environment is everyone's responsibility today. School education in this regard is extremely important, but parents should also follow the example. That is why we encourage you to bring up this topic at home, e.g. during a family game! By teaching the youngest correct attitudes, we will make our planet beautiful also for future generations. How is the Earth affected by environmental pollution? What will happen to our planet if we produce too much trash? Will the Earth's natural resources never run out? These other questions will be answered by a well-known figure: The Master from the series of children's films "Once Upon a Time". Simple rules and a beautifully illustrated board make the game a great entertainment for the whole family. Player age 7+.

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An extremely popular card game recommended for the whole family (3-6 people). In each round, one of the people becomes a Storyteller. Her task is to choose one of the cards she has - ambiguous and richly illustrated - and enter a password, which she thinks is reflected in the picture. It can be one word, a whole sentence, a quote, a movie or a song title. The possibilities are huge! Successive players choose one of their cards that matches the title given by the Tale Maker. Then all cards are shuffled and shown to the participants. The players' task is to guess which illustration was the first. Player age 8+.


Fast and emotional card game. It will be fun for everyone, because it is designed for 2 to 8 people! It can be played in many ways. The most common way is to lay down one card and deal the rest of the deck to the participants. The aim of the game is to get rid of the cards by quickly finding a common symbol with the card currently "on the table". If you find a common element - mention its name out loud and throw away the card, then the next and the next ... Thanks to the small package, the game is perfect in any situation - when traveling with a child, at a picnic or for a walk. Player age 6+.

Discoveries - get to know and understand yourself

Children sometimes find it difficult to name emotions, understand their behavior or life situations. Determining feelings is also not easy for adults. That is why the game "Discoveries - to get to know and understand yourself" will be a fantastic idea for spending family time. The game is designed for 2 to 4 people and consists of: a colorful board with questions, 30 picture cards, 4 signs giving participants the opportunity to ask additional questions, as well as wooden pawns in the shape of animals, dice and instructions, thanks to which participants will learn how to efficiently and sensitively ask questions. The game was developed by an experienced therapist, and its goal is to learn empathy and help children and adults to express their thoughts, experiences and feelings. Player age: for the whole family.

The May long weekend is a time that many people would like to spend on a short trip or organizing a barbecue for themselves and their friends. But what if threads come out of the plans? You don't have to break down and lie on the couch with the remote control in your hand. Select one of the games listed or read the article "Games for the whole family - see suggestion". Organize board games and spend a picnic full of positive emotions and building a family relationship at home.