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Facebook Delete All Content Stop the Steal

Facebook Delete All Content Stop the Steal
Facebook Delete All Content Stop the Steal

Facebook announced on social media on Monday that it would delete all content from the phrase Stop the Steal, a popular statement among supporters of US President Donald Trump, who falsely claimed that there was widespread election fraud.

The new policy will also include content on Facebook’s Instagram subsidiary, the company said in a statement.

“We removed the original Stop the Steal group in November and continue to delete pages, groups and events that violate our policies, including calls for violence,” Facebook said.

“We have had heated discussions about the election results, and will continue to do so. But with ongoing efforts to organize events against the results of the US presidential election which could lead to violence, and the use of the term by participants in Wednesday’s election.” DC, we took that extra step at the start of the inauguration, “he added.

The new policy has been implemented, and while Facebook said a “large number of posts” had been removed, it said it would take some time to implement.

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Minutes before Wednesday’s Capitol storm, Trump urged his followers to “do their utmost” to “stop the theft,” citing false accusations that he spread the November 3 election through widespread use. Election fraud stolen. He lost the election for President-elect Joe Biden by 7 million votes.

“Our country is fed up and we will not hold it in again,” Trump said at the rally, many of which likely then flooded the Capitol as lawmakers upheld the election results. “We will stop the theft.”

Five people died in the ensuing chaos in federal lawmakers, including Capitol police officer Brian Siknik, who died of his wounds on Thursday.

Successive lawsuits have dismissed Trump’s allegations, and the Justice Department has failed to gather evidence to support Trump-scale election fraud. Former Attorney General William Barr, a staunch ally of Trump, acknowledged this before leaving the department last month. Reuters