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ExpressVPN Used for Hacking

ExpressVPN Used for Hacking
ExpressVPN Used for Hacking

ExpressVPN’s Chief Information Officer once helped the UAE organize a massive cyber espionage campaign on computers around the world. According to the Department of Justice, ExpressVPN director Daniel Guericke and two others worked as hired hackers for the UAE to develop clickless attacks that could infiltrate internet accounts and devices, including those in the US. ExpressVPN Used for Hacking.

All three previously worked for US intelligence or the US military. However, all three offered their hacking experience to foreign countries from 2016 to 2019, which violated US export controls, prompting them to obtain a State Department license to provide the service. The first report on the UAE’s hacking program, Reuters said espionage had taken over the iPhones and internet accounts of activists, political rivals and even Americans.

Cyber ​​espionage naturally raises security questions about ExpressVPN. However, the VPN service stuck to Guericke, who stopped working with the UAE after joining ExpressVPN in December 2019.

“We knew the most important facts about Daniel’s professional career even before we hired him, because he actively and transparently disclosed them to us from the start,” ExpressVPN wrote in a blog post on Wednesday. “Indeed, his history and experience have made him an invaluable tenant for our mission of protecting consumer privacy and safety.”

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Despite violating US hacking laws, the Justice Department has refrained from prosecuting Guericke. Instead, he made an agreement that forbade him to “operate the network” again on behalf of the employer. He also agreed to pay a fine of $335,000.

ExpressVPN added that it continues to review its VPN security service. “Of course we don’t just rely on the trust of our employees to protect our customers,” the publication said Wednesday. “We have strong security systems and controls across all of our systems or products. We also engage many independent third parties and provide them with access to audit, security assessment, and penetration testing of our systems and products. “

ExpressVPN’s VPN service can encrypt your internet connection to prevent eavesdropping, but that means its employees aren’t doing any funny business. By routing your internet through a VPN, you are also transferring your browsing history to a server under someone else’s control. This can allow them to register and collect your data. Reuters