Exercises to Power Your Mind

those skills that you consider especially important for your future, and include them in your daily routine. Exercises to Power Your Mind.

Exercises to Power Your Mind
Exercises to Power Your Mind

In the same way that with exercise you can improve your physical resistance, with simple mental exercises you can increase your intelligence. But what are the exercises that you can do and include in your daily life to be smarter? Surely more than one of the exercises that we are going to tell you here you are already using. Insist on those that cost you the most or help you improve those skills that you consider especially important for your future, and include them in your daily routine. Exercises to Power Your Mind.

Have a dictionary handy. Could you exactly define the meaning of "mundane" or "austere"? To develop your linguistic intelligence, it is as simple as spending time each day reading a newspaper, magazine or book and marking those words that you do not understand. Look up their meaning in a dictionary, find synonyms and, throughout the day, use these words in an everyday context, in a conversation with a friend or with your parents.

Take 20 minutes a day to learn something new. It's about learning something that makes you curious. About what you feel like, but what is new to you, such as the customs of the Amazon tribes, the history of an exotic country or the Chinese. It is about learning something new, which you can then discuss with your friends and broaden your intellectual horizons.

Listens. Develop your ability to listen to what others are saying and trying to understand the other's point of view. It is one of the qualities that can help you the most to learn and connect with people. As simple as staying attentive, not interrupting and, when you intervene in the conversation, putting into practice your ability to connect with people.

Develop your critical capacity. It is about having your own criteria before things, without being influenced by your environment. For example, question your ideas about politics, music, cinema. Are they the same as your parents or your closest friends? It is normal that we feel more comfortable when our ideas are in tune with what our environment thinks, but what it is about in this case is to develop your own criteria and decision-making capacity. It is not about opposing it for its own sake, but about developing your own thinking and fostering your ability to make your own decisions. This quality is necessary and very useful in different personal and professional situations, and it will make you a safer person in front of others and, therefore, more intelligent. It is about having your own criteria before things, without being influenced by your environment.

Develop your relationship skills. Having the ability to meet new people and establish new relationships is key to your personal happiness and also to your professional future.  Participate in activities outside of class and take an interest in others.

Surround yourself with people you can learn from. "Whom a good tree huddles, a good shade shelters him", and it's true. If you want to have an active mind, surround yourself with people who have intellectual concerns and share yours with them.

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Develop your analytical skills. Take time to reflect on a problem of any kind and write all kinds of solutions that you can think of. Then rank or rate those possible solutions for their effectiveness. Let's take an example. Mathematics is important for the career you want to do, but lately you have been doing it wrong. Possible solutions? Many, but let's put three with different degrees of effectiveness:

  1. Think of another career where math is not needed. Not very effective solution, as it does not solve the problem, it only prevents it.
  2. Spend more time studying. Intermediate solution, because it may be that your problem with this subject is only a problem of dedication and not of understanding.
  3. Spend more time studying and seek support from a private teacher or take more time from tutorials for this subject. Without a doubt, this is the most effective and fastest solution to achieve your goal.

Every time you are faced with a problem, think like this. What is the simplest and most efficient way to achieve what interests me? Practice this ability with your friends, asking for example, how would you end hunger in the world? What makes a certain music group succeed? Reflect and analyze on any topic that interests you.

Get your memory in shape. It is a key ability for intelligence. It is of little use to have an excellent capacity for expression or communication, if we cannot archive our knowledge and experiences to draw on them when necessary. Can you imagine having a computer with the best software, but without memory? It would be of little use. Fine-tune your memory, developing your attention span and retention.

Challenge yourself. Are you afraid to speak in public? Are you shy and find it difficult to talk to people? Give yourself little tests in your day to day that make you use qualities in which you do not feel comfortable. It is not about making it perfect, but about gaining confidence in yourself and feeling that, although you may not be the best at something, you are also capable of doing it. And remember, in life everything is a matter of practice. Get going!