Envy - jealousy lined with aggression

Envy is a very intense emotion that can break relationships between people. As a result of? What is envy? The reasons Can envy be cured?

Envy - jealousy lined with aggression
Envy - jealousy lined with aggression

Envy is a very intense emotion that can break relationships between people. As a result of?

  • What is envy?
  • The reasons
  • Can envy be cured?
  • Time for therapy
  • What else we can do?

Envy, jealousy - emotions that we all know, although we don't like to admit to. Because envying others' successes or successes in life is nothing worthy of praise. But envy is something more, it is jealousy lined with aggression, a feeling that can significantly affect our life and mess with it. How to deal with it and is it even possible?

What is envy?

Envy is a very destructive emotion, the causes of which are believed to be emotional development in childhood. When a family member or someone around us succeeds, achieves a long-term goal, or receives a sudden chance in life, we don't enjoy her happiness as we should. Moreover, we feel regret and anxiety that nothing of the sort is happening in our lives. What are the causes of such strong emotions?

The reasons

The causes of envy, just like jealousy, are believed to be low self-esteem and a lack of self-acceptance. Having a low opinion of ourselves, feeling inferior to others, and constantly comparing ourselves with other people can cause us to fall into a spiral of negative emotions. Negative thoughts begin to dominate in us, we stop striving for any goal because we feel that it does not make sense. This can worsen our mental condition, make us feel sad, irritable, inferior.

But there is also one more thing to envy. Most often it is accompanied by aggression, a wish for others to worsen their quality of life and that they should "get off their feet". Cynicism, bitterness and discouragement can also emerge quite quickly. If we don't try to break this chain of negative emotions, it can become more and more difficult for us to break this state.

Can envy be cured?

Envy requires therapy. You can try to deal with it on your own, but it requires realizing the scale of the problem. The basic thing is to try to distance yourself from other people and stop comparing yourself to them constantly. It is not easy and requires constant work on yourself. However, if we really want to change, we may be able to do it.

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Time for therapy

However, if we are not able to deal with envy or we start to lose loved ones due to constant negative emotions, it is worth using the help of a therapist. However, it is important to realize that the therapy will not be easy or quick. It requires you to control your feelings and constantly work on your behavior and reactions.

One of the prerequisites for overcoming it is to become aware of the causes of our envy. Most often, at the beginning of therapy, this arouses opposition and discouragement. We may feel that further visits to a psychologist do not make any sense, because nothing bad is happening to us that would require therapy.

However, you have to survive this stage and not give up therapy. Anger is a good symptom, it makes us reflect and reflect on ourselves. The deeper we go into the therapeutic process, the more we get to know ourselves, and realizing what mechanisms are responsible for the envy that arises in us can help us control it.

What else we can do?

It costs us a lot to enter the therapeutic process, so it is worth treating yourself with special understanding during this time. Sometimes it can be helpful to pay attention to something else that will distract us from delving into the spiral of negative emotions. It can be a sport, but also a step towards the fulfillment of long-forgotten desires. Perhaps signing up for a language course, a dance course or going on an expedition that we have dreamed of for a long time will help distract our thoughts from bad feelings and survive the difficult time. Therapy usually helps to develop mechanisms that will teach us to control bad emotions and help throw them out of life.